Benefits Of Using Artificial Intelligence For Humanity

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  1. Climate Change
  2. Agriculture
  3. Conclusion

Artificial intelligence is the ability of the machine to simulate the human mind and the way it works, such as its ability to think, discover and benefit from past experiences. Artificial intelligence has become very frequent in recent times, because of its great role in changing societies and people's lives. Also, the meaning of artificial intelligence varies from person to person. As Margaret Rouse said: Artificial intelligence is the recreation of human insights formed by machines, particularly computer systems. These forms contain learning (the securing of data and rules for utilizing the data). Moreover, Jake Frankenfield said: that the term may also be connected to any machine that shows characteristics related to a human intellect such as learning and problem-solving. Also, the perfect characteristic of artificial intelligence is its capacity to rationalize and take activities that have the leading chance of accomplishing a particular objective. Artificial intelligence continues to evolve rapidly, will occupy an essential part of our daily lives, and has enormous potential to achieve many things for humanity. However, the environment is important for everyone, because the Environment plays an important role in the healthy living of human beings. The environment plays an important role in regulating air and climate. Another reason the environment is so important is that it is a source of natural beauty, and it is necessary for proper physical and mental health too. This report will appear one argument lens which is the environment about the topics of climate change and agriculture on the question of what impact artificial intelligence has in the future, and will it have a positive influence? The objective of this report is to know the impact of AI on agriculture and climate change and find solutions.

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Climate Change

There are many arguments about how AI affects climate change. Climate change is one of the important factors that may have an impact on AI because climate change may be a serious issue that needs quick consideration over the globe. Compelling pieces of proving that point toward a distressing future incorporates a rise in worldwide temperatures, extraordinary events, contracting of the ice sheet, warming seas, sea-level rise, and sea acidification. According to what Bernard Marr said that we have a new device to assist us in higher manipulating the influences of climate change and preserving the planet: artificial intelligence (AI). AI refers to computer structures that can feel their environment, think, learn, and act in response to what they feel and their programmed goals additionally artificial intelligence can assist climate researchers and innovators to check out their speculation and options about how to minimize air dirtiness and different climate-friendly innovations. For example, a venture that can analyze environmental statistics and predicts air pollution as well as tests. Similar insights can assist other organizations to minimize their carbon footprint. Moreover, the greater we utilize AI technology to assist us to recognize our present-day reality, predict future climate activities, and creating new merchandise and services to minimize our human influence our possibilities of it will assist us in enhancing and saving lives, developing a more healthy world and making organizations more efficient, the higher chance we have to stall or even reverse the climate change trajectory we’re on. Besides, Renee Cho said that: In Norway, AI helped create a bendy and self-sufficient electric-powered grid, integrating greater renewable energy. And AI has helped researchers obtain 89 to ninety-nine percent accuracy in figuring out tropical cyclones, climate fronts, and atmospheric rivers, the latter of which can bring about heavy precipitation and are frequently tough for human beings to become aware of on their own. By enhancing climate forecasts, these sorts of applications can assist preserve human beings' safe. On the other hand, Shay Meinecke disagrees with their opinions, and she said that Environmentalists have warned that demand for electronic merchandise brings greater intensive use of raw materials. The extraction of nickel, cobalt, and plumbago for lithium-ion batteries used as an example in electrical steam-powered vehicles and smartphones has already broken the surroundings, chiefly in China, India, and Canada, where many substances are produced. Also, Celine Herweijer said that artificial intelligence is harmful and risks to the environment. There are some AI applications to meet the environmental challenges, but the statistics of these applications are not accurate which can cause damage to the environment. For example, distributed energy can analyze weather operations through AI programs and the actual time of weather and disaster events in the region, but it's not accurate. This application helps to avoid environmental disasters, and it makes damage to the environment at the same time.


Moreover, Agriculture is another main factor that may have an impact on AI, because, it is one of the oldest and most important professions in the world. Humanity has come a long way over the millennia in how we farm and grow crops with the introduction of various technologies. Yogita Kinha said that AI can assist farmers by recommending the sowing dates for exceptional plants primarily based on climate conditions. ML models can also recommend tweaks in cropping patterns to enhance yields. Using the ancient manufacturing data, climate forecasts, seed information, and demand and furnish information, ML can be used to forecast the quantity of seed that must be grown to fulfill the growing needs. Moreover, Kathleen Walch said that: With the assistance of AI, farmers can now analyze a range of stuff in real-time such as climate conditions, temperature, water utilization or soil prerequisites accumulated from their farm to higher inform their decisions. For example, AI applied sciences assist farmers to optimize planning to generate greater bountiful yields through identifying crop choices, the quality hybrid seed choices, and useful resource utilization. Also, Herweijer said that AI-augmented agriculture includes automatic statistics collection, decision-making, and corrective movements through robotics to permit early detection of crop illnesses and issues, to supply timed nutrition to livestock, and typically to optimize agricultural inputs and returns based totally on provide and demand. This guarantees to make bigger the useful resource effectivity of the agriculture industry, decrease the use of water, fertilizers, and pesticides which cause damage to important ecosystems, and extend resilience to climate extremes. However, AI tackles the labor challenge With fewer humans getting into the farming profession, most farms are dealing with the venture of a personnel shortage. Traditionally farms have wished many workers, mainly seasonal, to harvest vegetation and preserve farm productivity decrease. However, as we have moved away from being an agrarian society with massive portions of human beings dwelling on farms to now-massive portions of humans residing in cities fewer humans are decreasing capable and inclined to tend the land. Also, Bernard Marr explained that AI harms the future by saying that, if we aren’t clear with the targets we set for AI machines, it might be hazardous if a computer isn’t armed with the identical targets we have. For example, a command to “Get me to the airport as fastly as possible” might have dire consequences. Without specifying that the guidelines of the street should be revered because we cost human life, a computer should quite efficaciously accomplish its aim of getting you to the airport as fastly as viable and do actually what you asked, however, depart at the back of a path of accidents.


It seems that some AI experts predict that AI will be able to do anything that humans can but do it better, but AI will surely surpass humans in specific domains. If AI were to develop to the point that it can do everything better than humans it would mean that it would also do better in climate change and agriculture.     

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