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The Nintendo Switch is a video game console developed and created by Nintendo. This innovation was released worldwide on the 3rd of March, 2017. The concept for The Nintendo Switch was derived as a result of Nintendo’s financial losses due to poor sales in 2014. Some of the broad concepts for the Switch incorporates the “lateral thinking with seasoned technology” design philosophy of Gunpei Yokoi. Therefore, there was not just one individual who designed the Nintendo Switch, but instead was a collaborative effort of many individuals and groups mainly within Nintendo.

The main aspect of innovation incorporated into The Nintendo Switch which has allowed its popularity to soar all over the world is that unlike other gaming consoles, The Nintendo Switch is hand-held and portable, allowing the user to take it and play games wherever they go. It can also be docked next to a TV and played at home which makes it very versatile. Furthermore, it allows players to travel with it instead of having to leave their gaming consoles behind at home when going on holidays or travelling in general.

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One of the key aspects of The Nintendo Switch which differentiates itself from other gaming consoles is the Joy-Con (the controller). It allows you to play with one controller or two controllers, both vertical or sideways including motion controls or buttons which allow for much versatility in gameplay. The Joy-Cons also incorporate HD rumbles which are said to make games more immersive for the player due to providing a sense of touch beyond standard vibrations. Moreover, the IR Motion Camera in the right Joy-Con can sense shape, movement and distance allowing new gameplay experiences to become possible. Finally, the Nintendo Switch incorporates multi-player and online features like other gaming consoles but has taken this to the next level by being able to link up to eight systems together allowing you to play with friends anywhere and anytime.

Nintendo has also taken into consideration ethical and responsible design issues during the production of The Nintendo Switch by being committed to ethical manufacturing. They have done this by providing suitable working conditions for manufacturers unlike other partnering companies where staff are experiencing extremely poor working conditions. Due to this, Nintendo has pledged to increase salaries by 20 per cent and offer counselling for its over 350,000 employees. Furthermore, Nintendo has also established the Nintendo CSR Procurement Guidelines which requires all production partners to comply with their guidelines, ensuring the respect of human and labour rights as well as health and safety standards.

Appropriate technology has been used when designing and producing The Nintendo Switch since it is adaptable to all environments unlike other gaming consoles such as the Wii due to its portability. Therefore, Nintendo has met the needs of their market, also appealing to new markets because of the extreme versatility of the console. Furthermore, since The Nintendo Switch is a very new concept in terms of the gaming community, people are investing in it with over 10 million sales globally in nine months, proving that there was a need for this console in the first place.

Artificial Intelligence


  • Artificial Intelligence can have great benefits to the individual since it has the potential to complete tasks humans would view as mundane or tedious through complex automation which increases efficiency, therefore, allowing humans to take up more creative tasks.
  • Artificial Intelligence has the capacity to make faster decisions than humans would and therefore carry out tasks and actions more effectively and quicker.
  • Artificial Intelligence removes human-error altogether, allowing tasks to be carried out with more precision and accuracy.
  • Due to Artificial Intelligence’s potential to carry out human jobs, it carries the risk of job losses. For instance, driverless cars would mean that there wouldn’t be a need for taxi drivers.
  • AI cannot replicate all aspects of human intelligence. For instance, AI cannot replicate the way in which humans are highly sensitive and emotional beings with thoughts being guided by feelings.


  • Artificial Intelligence can take risks on behalf of humans by completing jobs which may be potentially dangerous but necessary for research. For instance, using Artificial Intelligence for space exploration could lead to massive benefits for human-kind in terms of forecasting as well as medical diagnosis and advancements.
  • If Artificial Intelligence starts to replace humans in many fields, there will be serious unemployment issues which could lead to an increase in mental depression, poverty and crime.
  • Humans will be left with empty time, not allowing them to take advantage of their skills and energy.


  • Artificial Intelligence features that are currently being implemented can have major positive impacts on the environment. For instance, AI has been popular in the auto industry allowing features to be developed such as built-in smart assistants, impact detection and self-driving programs. Therefore, AI will allow transport to be more efficient and as a result reduce the number of vehicles on roads, one of the largest sources of pollution and fossil fuel emissions.
  • Artificial Intelligence is also helping with species conservation. Due to AI, an app called eBird has been developed which allows anyone to enter data about any birds they have seen around them, so far saving more than 22 million hours’ worth of fieldwork. This data allows institutions to predict patterns in the species’ migration which allows policy-makers to protect bird habitats.
  • Machines and technologies as well as the Artificial Intelligence components of them may require resources which are not sustainable and be produced in a way which is harmful towards the environment.

Preferred Futures for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has already undergone much development in the past years and is becoming a part of many people’s lives. However, Artificial Intelligence could easily escalate into so much more. For instance, Cyborg technology. This may seem a bit far-fetched at the moment, however, with the current stem cell research making artificial limb fabrication an option, AI combined with stem cell research could allow for some great medical innovations. For instance, uniting new stem cell research with an improved AI, doctors and specialists could recreate limbs and other necessary organs which could potentially save people’s lives and still allow for their artificial body parts to have comparable neurological and nervous capabilities.

Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence has already progressed in terms of human-likeness in the past few years. For instance, digital assistants such as Siri. Therefore, at some point, AI could compensate for human life, acting as companions for humans if taught how to recognise emotions. This could be programmed as these robots could have the capacity to recognise facial expression since this has already been implemented into technology today with facial recognition in the iphone X.

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