Emerging Markets Offer Growth In Gaming Industry

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Investing in emerging technology stocks can provide exponential growth but these can be highly risky. Chip stocks mostly are considered risky as only a few are able to gain, while, many names drop very fast. There are prolonged cyclical downturns where the number of companies registering double digit growth may decline even in a month. Even the leading tech companies such as Facebook have a number of risks such as concerns over slow revenue growth, user growth pressures and long-term operating margin decline etc.

Facebook has managed to retain, even under the pressure of growing online channels. IBM, Intel and Snap are stocks which are struggling to get back to previous peaks. Alibaba profits declined and now its market is almost 50 per cent of Amazon. Chinese gaming NetEase is expected to gain at the rate of 24 per cent and microblogging site Weibo is expected to grow at the rate of 37 per cent in 2019.

Beijing restrictions on video games

Beijing introduced restricted growth of video games with the introduction of gaming license by the end of August while, the gaming revenue is expected to grow significantly in the year. Indian gaming market growthChina is world’s biggest gaming markets and other emerging markets are Africa and India.

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The new gamers in India are not serious gamers. These are casual gamers who did not start with playing video games on consoles. They are directly playing smartphone games. It is predicted that in India, gaming will become a bigger industry comparable to music or Hollywood. Tencent is preparing to build its team in India by investing $200 million and there are many other global gaming companies investing in Indian market. The global market of digital game is expected to grow at the rate of 19 per cent and will become a market worth $275 billion by 2022 as per Netscribe reports where the Indian market will be worth more than $1 billion by 2021.The latest gaming technologies used by the gaming companies are VR, AR, augmented reality and artificial intelligence and in the latest advancements, the companies are offering personalization by improving the look and feel.

Blockchain technology and online gaming payment

Blockchain technology is influencing all online gaming software. The virtual assets, betting and payment options offer breakthrough where the players can invest in games and create a mini economy.

Blockchain provides safe storage of digital assets and smart contracts for payment processing and reliable transactions. This can be exciting for the investors of cryptocurrency but not all ICOs are suitable to invest. Gamers or player betting in crypto should know the risks and methods to trade through crypto. For example- In 2017, crypto currency grew 33 times, and if it grows at the same rate for the next two consecutive years, its value will be more than total wealth on the earth.

These are similar to shares but most digital coin trading exchanges are not supported by authorized regulatory organizations.

The gaming ICOs offers options to fund but it can become an issue, when these ICOs decline unexpectedly.

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