Understanding Of Role On The Example Of Video Games

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A role, by definition, is a character assigned or assumed. To break it down roles are given to everyone, it can be seen anywhere and everywhere. Such as when Trump was assigned the role of president in 2014, after having won against his opponent Hillary Clinton, the USA voted and found trump most suitable for his role in office. Another example would be when Daniel Radcliff assumed the role of Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling saw him as a best fit for the role. The list goes on, but what relies drastically on roles?

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Video Games. Yes, video games, especially multiplayer first-person shooter video games. One, in particular, being Valve Corporations’ 2012 “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”, More commonly known as CS:GO. Known for being an objective based, multiplayer first-person shooter game, CS:GO pits two opposing teams against each other: The Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. Whom, both have the similar mission of eliminating one another, whilst complying to the completion of separate objectives. The Terrorists objectives solely focuses on the planting of the bomb, placed in the hands of one of the four team members, while also defending the hostages from their less evil counterparts, the Counter-Terrorists. Whom are hard at work preventing the placement and detonation of the bomb, while also attempting to rescue the hostages. This, known as competitive, being the main game mode, one out of the seven, relies heavily on the roles played by each of the team members. As humans, we often think ahead, nor do we take the time to stop and think, we instead assume a player’s expertise of a certain ability automatically fits the role her or she must play.

Roles are assigned in an attempt to describe a function. To criticize the assumptions of roles, it is important to understand how a role is assumed. A role is recognized by a pattern of noticeable behavior. Once the function of the player is recognized, they will be labeled as such. The four main roles assumed by members of a CS:GO team are: The entry fragger, awper, in-game leader, and the lurker. The entry fragger is the player who enters first on a site. The awper uses the AWP (Arctic Warfare Rifle) whenever possible. The in-game leader makes the majority of in-game decisions. The lurker stays back when his or her team attacks a site. In the wake of building up the functions, it might be seen fit that most groups have a devoted entry fragger, so then it must be determined that all groups have entry fragger. By moving the mark from a single or handful of players onto teams generally, the nature of the function is transformed; it is now not a style, something a few players do who like to play aggressively, but a role is something done by all well-constructed teams. Being assigned the role of an awper means that you have a distinct amount of qualities at your disposal. Including insanely good reaction time and extremely versatile in his or her playstyle. The awper has infinite amount of pressure on themselves to carry their team to victory. Without this role the team would not be able to function, nor restrain the opposing team.

The in-game-leader, also known as the brain of the team must lead their group to victory, with an extent amount of knowledge on CS:GO and its economy the leader must shot call their troop. He must be swift and efficient when making calls on buying, calling strats, and making mid round calls. The team would not be able to function without the guidance of the in-game-leader. Lastly the lurker, must be a reliable source of intel, out of all the teammates, even the in-game-leader the lurker should have a vast amount of game sense, they use the environment to their advantage. Leading their team to victory one prediction at a time. Their information must be on point and relayed to the whole team in a manner than can be understood by all. The role of the lurker is vital in the functioning of a team. All of these roles carry a considerable amount of tangible weight. When discussing switching the position of an awper with a lurker, a team without that role seems to be at a significant disadvantage. Compiling these roles, we develop a model for a team’s structure. In a team there is an in-game-leader, an awper, an entry fragger, and a lurker. The assumption so frequently made is that once we recognize function, we assume it encompasses the entirety of a player’s role.

A player should not be reduced to a single role, and the role itself has many styles. Both these factors are essential in our considerations of players. If someone is said to be a better awper replacement for another, it should not be dismissed just because that player is said to be better than the other. Rather, it should be the skills the player has and values, and the ability he has to server those functions, that both bring the assessment and opposition.

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