How Video Games Can Be Good For People

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Has anyone ever gotten mad at you for playing video games a lot!? Well look no further, after reading this essay you, and whoever else you show this to, will find out that video games can be good! I believe that video games can actually be good for people and how they think, instead of everybody making misconceptions. For example some misconceptions are, that video games may hurt your eyesight if you keep playing for a while, or video games will make you forget everything you learned.

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One reason that Video Games are good for people is because researchers at the University of Iowa have found that video games may keep people from aging. Not only will playing games make you feel younger, but it may also keep your brain healthy and ‘in shape.’ The researchers also did a test on 681 people aged 50 or older, to play a certain game for 10 hours for about 5-8 weeks. What the researchers found were that the people playing had decline in age by several years. Many parents say that video games will never help you in the future, and you will end up with a bad job, or no job at all. But instead Video Games may help you be better at making decisions. A researcher from the University of Rochester proved this with 2 groups of young adults playing action games. While the second group played slow paced games. The results showed that action games allowed people to become better at taking in sensory data, and turning it into better decisions. This will develop people's decision making skills which will be useful in real life situations. With this skill many people will be able to find a right path for them to follow, or allow them to choose good decisions as they mature.

Plenty of people believe that playing too many games will ruin your vision. But games can actually improve your eyesight. Another group of people from the University of Rochester observed players in game tournaments. While the group was observing they noticed that the players playing Call of Duty (an action game) had better eyesight than the other players in other games. When they returned their information showed that action games showed that action games improved eyesight in people by improving an ability called, contrast sensory function, this ability helps us discern between changes of gray and colors. This function can help people a lot in the future, or even when they work. An example of how this may help is, if someone may want to become a game designer, they can see the colors of the pixels so the game will look just like how they wanted it to, and how they imagined it to look like. Some game creators actually made a game just to make people go outside instead of sitting in the house and eating junk food as they slowly become a couch potato. For example a game creator invented a game called Pokemon Go so people will go outside and walk. This could be very beneficial since people still get the fun in catching Pokemon. The game maker can even gain money, because there is virtual currency. Some of the profit also goes to the actual Pokemon company. Someone even made an app for people to go outside to gain something in return.

An app maker made an app for iPhones called Sweatcoin. The app will track the amount of steps you take when you walk outside and turn it into currency. The app doesn’t even take real currency, everything is free. The app, the items you can buy, and if you even want to upgrade you can use the virtual currency to have the power to get more currency. Strategy Games like Portal, can help someone be organized because they would need to plan out what they would have to do. For example in the future you can be really busy if you have meetings or something that will be important when you work in the future, you would probably have a planner to organize all of the things you would be doing, just like in video games make you plan out what to do next and how to finish the game the way it was expose to be solved. Fun games like Minecraft, Terraria, or even Fortnite, requires building a certain design to help them survive, and this factor will allow kids who play, be creative and build fun or random things they would like to do. This will allow them to open up their imagination and be great with art skills or even make their own game in the future until they become successful with their career. With this they can live a happy life and maybe even start their own famous company.

Throughout all of this information about why videogames are good for people, I believe that video games are good for people to play and have fun with, instead of having people make misconceptions about video games being bad without true facts that were not tested.

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