Video Games And Outdoor Games As An Alternative Ways To Have Fun For Children

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Did you know according to a study done by limelight network in 2019 “the average person in the united states spend 7-8 hours a week playing video games”. Most people who play video games spend the majority of their free time sitting in front of a T.V. screen. In most cases that leaves no time for gamers to interact with family-members. In other cases video games can be used to past time, enjoy family time and, even keep kids out of trouble. How do video games have an impact on family life and how do you balance your game time with family time.

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Playing video games together is a fun way to promote family bonding. While in between video games you can talk to and spend time with each other. According to an article by psychology today people who choose to play video games learn self-esteem,in addition too that “video games allow young people to learn the value of persistence”, based on studies by Dr. Romeo Vitelli. Comparatively I've experienced on occasion kids play video games that they tend to talk to each other to complete a mission on the game. Software developer and graduate student Anisha Humbe who majored for computer science at “Penn State'' highlighted studies conducted by students at Toronto University saying that video games improve hand-eye coordination. In response to my research on this topic I believe this becomes helpful not just outdoor activities but, at home as well. For example we use hand eye coordination when cleaning up and, if you're just like me you could use the extra practice to get better results. Furthermore video games can act as a fun educational outlet for kids to practice schooling at home. Children can play games on online websites such as coolmath which have hundreds of educational games that use math, reading and other subjects to create a fun and educational way for children to improve academic performance. In like manner studies found in York University DC Labs discovered that “some action strategy games can perform as an IQ test, in addition to that some of these games are played by hundreds of millions of players worldwide”. Researchers added that video games such as League of Legends are similar to IQ when Comparing too old fashion games like chess. When playing video games I believe that video games can not only help mentally but physically as well.

Other than games like 2k,madden and, mortal kombat console games can be used to promote physical activity when using a balance board to play Wii Fit t or xbox connect to play games like Just Dance or Motion Sports. Games like this require you to use your body motion to play the game and much more fun if you play with a family member. Correspondingly in 2018 Amazon turk recruited 361 parents to co complete an questionnaire and, by the same token results showed “the more that families play video games together the better family satisfaction and closeness they have ''. Families with poor communication benefit from playing multiplayer games because this gives families who don't spend time with each other the opportunity to communicate with each other. Talking to family members while playing video games can result in working up a good sweat in an enjoyable manner that helps you burn body fat. By past experience video games have been a fun way to let off steam as an after school activity or when you are not in a Good mood. People who suffer with ADHD might find videogames as a coping method to channel their busy energy. Although videogames can be used to wind down (as stated in Body 1) video games can be used for learning but increases learning in kids diagnosed with ADHD According to psychology today as well. Identically I can remember my mom letting me play educational video games on the computer when I was a kid to study. I noticed I had gotten alot better with my time tables and division. Although video games may be a fun way to keep your family together in reality there are negative impacts as well.

Like most hobbies videogames can be a great way to spend time. However studies at the University of Geneva Switzerland show video games can affect the brain memory and vision. Videogames can cause stress,anxiety, isolation and even addiction. Video Games have been proven to kill brain cells and even cause lack of sleep. Usually this equals a bad attitude when it comes to waking up in the morning. A study conducted by Psychologist Craig A. Anderson states that video gamers who play aggressive video games either have or end up with aggressive behavior. people who become addicted to video games usually isolate themselves. Isolation can occur from dealing with real life problems at home. Also becoming too addicted can result in fatigue,headaches,lack of school academics and, even lack for oneself. Personally, video games can lead to a competitive spirit that leads to frustration. Video Games can lead to lack of chores and obligations where kids will try anything to get out of responsibilities. Adults who spend too much time on video games can cause relationship issues where the spouse does not feel they are getting enough attention.people who are addicted to playing video games spend more time at home than out being active.


The Reason families should spend less time on video games is simply because you miss out on a lot of memories passing time in front of a T.V. and, can promote isolation and that cuts down family time and communication. In my opinion families should limit access to video games. As stated earlier violent video games may cause “increase in aggression” that could possibly cause more tension around the house. If you are a family that play games often try setting game up in the living room or free space to from family being to controlling over the game.It is true that video games can affect you in a negative and positive way but, as long as you find balance between you gaming life and normal life you,should be alright!

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