The Problem Of Video Games Addiction

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What is the “addiction” as a scientific term? Addiction could be basically defined as a chronic brain disorder not merely a behavioral problem or doing wrong activity. American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAP) points out that addiction is much more than a behavioral problem involving excessive drugs, sex, gambling and alcohol. Even though video games addiction is always a controversial issue in contemporary world, many clinical psychologists observe that repeated actions might develop into a habit and then an addiction easily.

Scientifically, there is a huge difference between an addict’s and non-addict’s brain. Limbic system which is the part of the brain involved in behavioral and emotional responses. Limbic system which is known as the reward center is responsible for pleasure but there are many things that activate this reward center. There are natural rewards such as a kiss, a hug or even eating a slice of delicious Italian pizza ie, delicious food might trigger dopamine which is a feel-good chemical in the brain. This reward system is crucially important because it helps us to survive but not only substance addiction (like drug addiction) but also behavioral addiction (like playing video game irresistibly). All kind of addictions could skyrocket dopamine more than normal and natural level dopamine in the brain. Because of this over stimulation of the brain, reward system in the brain can react in a defensive way and this is where tolerance begins. When tolerance happens there are physical changes in the brain cells of the reward center. These physical changes alter the way addicts think, one of the most remarkable changes begins with an addicts thinking pattern. Video game addicts start to overvalue the benefits of the playing games and they could not realize its irrational and negative consequences. (Volkow and Morales, 2015). This is basically why of addicts may not be able to stop and control themselves even if their world starts to crumble around them.

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In the light of such scientific instructions, it is safe to say that spending long hours by playing video games could cause a behavioral addiction which might cause unignorably negative concrete impacts on students and children most particularly which could be regarded as propensity for violence, propensity for obesity, poor communication skills, lack of interpersonal skills, inability to build healthy relationships and distractibility. However, contrary to what the vast majority of people advocate that it might only alleged that a few of games may be beneficial for imagination, creativity and brain activities such as knowledge contest and strategy games. When considered these both sides of this issue, it is safe to say that one might agree on video games addiction to a great extent. In the following passages, these both sides will be discussed.

Initially, propensity for violence and aggression is pretty common for those who tend to play war or fight games which require to kill someone or something during the game. Furthermore, inability to realize the difference between the visual and real life might cause catastrophic disaster. To demonstrate, a few years ago, one boy in USA who has propensity for violence and killed all his classmates and teacher in school, did accept and admit that he could not perceive the difference between the visual and real life. Even though he is just 13 year old boy, he knows well how to prepare and use a gun. Another devastating example is that 2 years ago one 7-year-old girl in Turkey did jump off the balcony of her house because of supposing herself as a character of Pokemon Go game which was the most popular game in Turkey 2 years ago. Another point is hereby the propensity for obesity. Today, it is highly possible to see that many young people are suffering from obesity and postural disorder owing to sedentary lifestyle. Instead of joining outdoor activities, staying inactively for a long period may restrict young muscles growth and blood circulation and flow in the body which could cause serious heart problems.

Moreover, undoubtedly, interpersonal communication skills are vital for not only adults or employees but also high school and university students because they help people develop healthy, strong and intimate relationships which are beneficial for social environment and engagement, mental health and private life and learn how to manage relationships. However, getting hooked on video games might be destructive for the people by causing the deficiency of interpersonal communication skills. To illustrate, that those who are hooked on playing video games, have no self-confidence, inability to make eye-contact, manage facial mimics or body gestures ie, body language, express their emotions and feelings which are of utmost importance for effective and impressive communication is rather common problem among young students even university students. Last but not least, the distractibility is also one of the main negative impacts on young brains more in particular. For those who spend a lot of time playing video games, could confront concentration and attention problems and less engage in reading or writing something which requires more focus, critical thinking, learning skills, some analytical and problem-solving skills as well.

On the other hand, it could be alleged that some kinds of games such as knowledge quiz and strategy games might be a good way to be able to improve imagination, creativity and brain activity. Even if, some people play those games just to kill time, it is basically good to enhance general knowledge and for the activity of brain cells. It is a paragon that trivial pursuit is one of the most popular games which is known as a board game showing the ability to answer general knowledge and popular culture questions. Some online basic math games and strategy games may also be indicated as a good example for games which are helpful for creativity and imagination and brain activity.

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