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American Rock Band Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend is an American rock band from New York City, formed in 2006 where they introduced the world to their afro-pop-inspired rhythms and melodies. The members of the band consists of the talented, lead vocalist and guitarist Ezra Koenig, drummer Chris Tomson, bassist Chris...

Research Proposal: Multi-Band 5G Wireless Antenna

Summary This research proposal is about 5G Patch Antenna which is the future of communication. In this proposal it is illustrated that the antenna, which is to be designed is simulated on CST software. This software has provided many solutions for the hindrances like bandwidth,...

Fabrication of Photonic Band Gap Crystals

Abstract The past decade has witnessed intensive research efforts related to the design and fabrication of photonic crystals. These periodically structured dielectric materials can represent the optical analogue of semiconductor crystals, and provide a novel platform for the realization of integrated photonics. Despite intensive efforts,...

The Band of Brothers: Leadership Styles of Soldiers

HBO’s mini-series Band of Brothers features a historical, biographical account of the men of Easy Company, the 506th Infantry Regiment of the United States Army, during World War II. As the series progresses, we observe the men morph from out-of-shape men in basic training, oblivious...

My Attitude To BTS, Korea Boyband

BTS, Korea boyband, arguably the biggest boyband in the world today. Maybe you’ve heard it, maybe you saw it at Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. A group of sweet-faced young people who took k-pop to the next level. I’ve written a bit about how k-pop...

The Impact Of Marching Band On Me

For my entire life i’ve watched groups perform watched films about band since band appears tobe fascinating. For the individuals who don’t completely comprehend what walking band is, it is a period serious game. Indeed, a game attempt jazz running with a Tuba. Fortunately I...

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