Spinal Tap Movie Review: A Story About the Struggles of a Heavy Metal Band

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Heavy metal finally formed by the end of the 1970s with the advent of the so-called new wave of British heavy metal. Modern heavy music is characterized by an average or accelerated pace, significant aggression, the central role of a solo guitarist, and lengthy and technical guitar solos. Vocals are usually high. The subjects of the texts are quite diverse - there maybe songs about the war, the Apocalypse, on social and philosophical themes, there are songs about love. (Walser,2019)

Concerts of metal musicians are usually bright, with the use of lighting and pyrotechnic effects. For the first time in history, metal came into fashion in the 80s. This revolution began in California. On November 26, 1983, Quiet Riot's Metal Healt album became No. 1 in America. As a result, all the barriers collapsed on the path of the genre. The group also made it clear to recording studios that metal can make good money. Such a moment turned the show business upside down. Heavy music stood at the top of the hit parades, and companies rushed to invest in this musical style. (Walser,2019)

Recording studios began to think about how to present this new metal movement to them. That is when hairy metal was born. There were a lot of bands in Los Angeles who were betting on an irresistible shocking image. It is very well suited for broadcasting video clips on MTV. However, another distinguishing feature was the stage performance. These were not just concerts, but cool shows with a variety of effects. There were six-meter dragons that spew flame. Stunning laser shows, beautiful girls and so on. In general, there was everythinimaginable.

Spinal Tap is a fictional musical group, but their biography reflects the path of many rock stars: first - full stadiums, prestigious awards, critical acclaim, then - fading interest of the public, a streak of creative setbacks, a constant change in composition, and ultimately oblivion.

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The film traces several months from the life of a nonexistent group of 'hard' rock. This is a story about the ageing British band “ The Spinal Tap,” which gradually rolls from the heights of its former glory to the very bottom of the musical world during the last tour of the United States. This is a real parody of the heavy metal-glam templates of the 70-80s, in which the stage image, 'rebellious' behaviour and unjustified claims of groups such as Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Deep Purple, Aerosmith, Kiss, Judas Priest and others. (Maslin,1984)

Two guys thought for a long time and finally settled on this original name. They performed in the style of heavy metal rock. Then they were joined by bassist Derek Smalls and keyboardist Viv-Savage. For a long time, the band was unlucky with the drummer. All the guys who tried for this role, as a result of some mysticism, died until finally, Mick Shrimpton became a drummer. These desperate guys soon became famous. They released several well-selling albums and gained immense popularity. However, everything in the world does not last forever, and now in the recession of their career they want to make a memorable tour of the USA in order to release a new

The film tells about the band losing its former glory Spinal Tap. They go on tour in the States to advertise their new album. From the beginning, everything seems to go smoothly for them, but still not as brilliant as we would like. However, guys are not discouraged. They do not even suspect the real situation, for which they must be thanked by the sneaky manager, who is climbing over so that the concerts of the group would not fail.

The first troubles begin when the recording company accuses the group of sexism and refuses to publish a new album if they do not change the cover design. In the end, the record was published in a completely black cover, even without any inscriptions.

Then, suddenly, the girlfriend of David (the lead singer of the group) is announced, and off we go. What usually happens in such situations. The girlfriend spoils everything that is possible, she puts forward her ambitions, commands all, because of her the manager and guitarist of the group leaves. In the end, Spinal Tap gets to the point of playing at a military veteran party.

The amusingness is so one of a kind and crafty, and the science between the on-screen characters is credible to the point, that upon discharge, numerous motion picture goers figured the film was a 'mockumentary' by any means. The music, a superlative of metal/shake designs of the time, was prevalent to such an extent that Spinal Tap (whose music was really played by the Guest, McKean, and Smalls) turned into a semi-genuine band. Look at one of Spinal Tap's huge hits 'Today around evening time I am Gonna Rock You Tonight.” (Merger,2019).

Experienced musicians who performed live music on the set were shot in the film. Over the years, 37 musicians have succeeded each other in the group. Except for two members of the original composition, a keyboard player, as well as bassists (from the original composition and composition at present), it turns out that 32 drummers outplayed in the group, who at some point died most strangely.

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