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An Overview of Zombies: Epidemiology of Fear

This article aimed to rationale how science fiction content describe and illustrate human culture through zombies. There was no formal concept of probability in Europe prior to the mid-17th century [3], despite the idea of randomized objects was already commonly seen. Asides from the first...

The Rising Dead: A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

Essay grade Excellent

The groan of the undead; the sputter of hisses they make with their decaying rotten teeth and the boils of putrid flesh that lingers around like the smell of oven baked cookies. Their molten skin peals back, revealing rotted ligaments and tissue that swarms with...

The Literature Review of Zombie Firm Research

Introduction The term of zombie is a concept that remains in our minds as living dead from horror movies. In recent times, this term has often been used to describe standing firms while it should have been closed a long time ago. Zombie firms are...

"Train to Busan" as a Perfect Example of Zombie Film

Essay grade Good

Once treated as a minority of manipulative pleasures, zombies have expanded their territory in popular culture. Now in present days, many people are familiar with zombies through various entertaining sources including cartoons, novels, and movies. However, not all zombie tales are necessarily the same, as...

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