The Rising Dead: A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

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  1. Weapons
  2. Food & Water
  3. Conclusion

The groan of the undead; the sputter of hisses they make with their decaying rotten teeth and the boils of putrid flesh that lingers around like the smell of oven baked cookies. Their molten skin peals back, revealing rotted ligaments and tissue that swarms with flies and enthusiastic maggots. The world is not once what it was once. The dead now walks among the world, while the living fights to see the morning sun of tomorrow. Once bitten, the infectious virus spreads throughout the human body. It shuts down all lively organs, kills nerve impulses and even reprograms one’s way of reasoning. The never-ending nightmare begins and spreads itself everywhere before civilization can even notice. The once thriving world full of dreams and prosperity now smells like pungent death. The world that humans once knew so well is now a foreign place in the wave of a deadly virus epidemic. The life of survivors is constantly being threatened by the dangers that await themselves. In a world where humans are now the prey must acquire extraordinary skills in order to fight off the dangers of the predators hunting one’s worth of survival. Each decision will dictate their life. This guide is written for those who wish to weather a zombie apocalypse. Survivors must obtain bountiful amounts of long-lasting food and arm themselves with effective weapons against these horrifying monsters to withstand through this tragedy.


Choosing the right weapons are important for fighting off zombies and can make a huge difference in trying to survive from the dangers that lurk around. Without some sort of protection against these horrifying beasts, survivors are left to fight with their hands. Hand-to-hand combat makes it easier for zombies to reach and outnumber a survivor, who is trying to flee the gruesome possibility of being eaten and facing death. Though, hand-to-hand combat should be avoided at all cost. Zombies are relentlessly aggressive and have one main goal, which is the drive to eat human flesh. That being said, it is important to keep in mind that even some weapons are considered a wish for death.

Zombies may lack human intelligence and reasoning but reacts greatly to sensory details: sight and sounds. Any loud noises, such as guns, specifically rifles, handguns, carbines, shot guns or any other types of firearms are designed to be critically dangerous considering their loud turbulence. Using any type of firearms should only be used if completely necessary, considering limitations, namely being ammunition. Ammunition is treated as gold when it comes to a zombie apocalypse. Such thing is not easy to scavenge in such desperate needs of survival against aggressive beasts. Without ammunition, firearms are considered useless, so stocking up is a necessary along the road of survival. Users are also required to frequently maintain and clean their weapon. Additionally, firearms are also useless in the hands of an inexperienced user. Those who can strategically use a firearm should be equip with one rather than an unexpected one as it would be a waste of bullets and another way of drawing in more attention from flesh-eating predators.

Safe to say, there are other types of weapons out there that can be more useful and rather less deadly than a firearm. A melee weapon can be much more of use than a gun without ammunition. Melee weapons are strategically used and can range from different tools and sizes. Since ammunitions are scarce, it is important to keep a second weapon by side. Any melee weapons can be used as a main or as a backup. Melee weapons do not have the need to reload, however needs the energy of the user to be able to kill something.

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The head, or specifically the brain is the most sensitive and the only way to permanently kill off a zombie. Blunt melee weapons are designed to damage through trauma or by bashing the head. Blunt weapons are much broader and more common in everyday places. A hammer, crowbars, baseball bats, or such similar ideal weapons are easily found in common areas such as a person’s home or in a school. Even a store can be a survivor’s place of heaven. Aluminum baseball bats are quite superior to a normal wooden baseball bat. Not only are aluminum bats lighter in weight compared to a wooden baseball bat, aluminum bats are more efficient for carrying as a warrior would not have to worry about splintering their hands. A normal wooden bat would greatly impact a warrior’s body. Swinging a wooden bat against hard solid objects would not only tire out the user but also break in a couple of swings. An aluminum bat will eventually dent; however, it is still capable of bashing against the skulls of the undead rather than a wooden baseball bat as it will split much faster than an aluminum bat.

Edge weapons are design for chopping through thick solid materials which are advantages to the user as it often does not break easily and can surely cut through a zombie’s head or straight into their brain. Blades, civilian axes, hatchets, knives or other similarities have quite an advantage over blunt weapons, however there are disadvantages as well. To those who have enough strength can efficiently cut through a skull after many repetitions of swinging. Civilian axes are common and are easily found in a person’s shed. An axe can easily slash a zombie’s skull, crushing through the bone and brain in one swing. Axes are quick and reliable weapons. Warriors can have them as a second weapon. Axes are versatile. It can be used as a melee weapon as a warrior can swing it during a zombie’s unexpected attack. However, trying to swat an axe to a moving head can be difficult. If one swing ends in a miss, the warrior might be taken off balance, being a drawback as their guard is down. A smaller handheld hatchet is a good weapon too as it can blow through a skull of an attacker and can cause brain damage with a single hit.

Food & Water

Food and water are the upmost important supplies that are intensively sought out by survivors during a zombie apocalypse. Without food and water, people will not function well and would not be able to perform easy day-to-day task. Eventually, survivors would slowly die without the proper nutrients. Survivors need to stay hydrated and strong in order to stay alert and be able to fight against the undead. Foods that boost energy and are non-perishable are highly essential as it will last longer than perishable foods. Canned foods are already precooked and can last up to an estimate of 5 years. Not only can it stay unrefrigerated, canned goods also varies in different type of foods such as canned meats or canned beans. Canned meats provide high levels of protein and are a good source of strength and nourishment. Canned meats are easy to open and are conveniently small enough to store in a survivor’s backpack. Canned beans are high in both fiber and protein and are also conveniently small to carry around during a harsh environment full of flesh-eating predators.

Dried foods, such as beef jerky or fruits are a great source of protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and other similarities. Dried fruits are high in potassium and iron. Fruits such as raisins, cherries, prunes and cranberries are high in calories in which can serve a survivor well in order to keep their energy up. Dried beef jerky is both tasty and packed with full nutrients, like iron. Beef jerky are small and convenient to carry while on a run for supplies. Nuts hold a great value because it is full of essential nutrients. Not only are nuts small, it is easy to store and travel with as it does not take much space in a survivor’s backpack. Almonds, pecans, peanuts, and walnuts are significant for their antioxidants and protein. Instant noodles or Ramen noodles can be eaten in two different ways: dry or wet. Ramen noodles are light in weight and can be cooked in hot water or can be eaten dry. However, even though Instant noodles are convenient to carry and a good snack to munch upon, it is high in sodium and is not quite as fulfilling.

A survivor’s body would need water in order to not die of dehydration. A human body needs water to regulate organs and maintain other organs to function well. Water is essential to the human body as it helps move waste and aids in digestion. Storing and gathering plastic bottled water is the simplest way to keep hydrated. Plastic bottled water is both portable and are beneficial as it can be refilled. However, water is not always available on the run. Purifying water may take time, but it is important for primary survival. Boiling water is one way to purify water, however it requires more materials. Boiling water may be simple and safe to drink; however, a survivor should keep in mind that other bacteria and impurities may be in the water. Energy drinks, such as Red Bulls are full of sugar which can be used during a supply run. If a survivor ends up feeling tired or want an extra boost, an energy drink can boost up their stamina. However, there are a few drawbacks which is that energy drinks are full of sugar. A survivor could end up being thirsty when one consumes too much of a sugary drink. Food and water are limited. One can never know when the next meal could come. Preserving supplies and materials can last for a long time for a survivor who is trying to keep their life going despite the tragedy that has fallen on the world that humanity used to live on.


In the events of an absolute zombie apocalypse, survivors must quickly secure themselves with proper weapons and obtain dependable food and water that will help them on the journey away from beasts that haunts their very being. Humans are faced with uncertainty and danger. They are vulnerable against the threat that lurk around them. The prospering world that once held hope and dreams is not what it was once before. The world that civilians used to live in is now gone and filled with fright and anarchy. A warrior must be fearless and gusty as they are to face the new terrors of the new world. They must think thoroughly as each decision they make contemplates on the negatives and positives of their actions. Gatherers must understand and realize that food and water are now scarce and must be equally rationalize with other survivors. Preserving humanity now lies in each of the left-over remnants of humanity as they are now the last of their species.

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This essay vividly portrays the harrowing scenario of a zombie apocalypse and effectively presents strategies for survival. The introduction grips the reader's attention with vivid descriptions of the undead and their gruesome nature, setting the tone for the rest of the essay. The essay seamlessly blends the portrayal of a post-apocalyptic world with practical advice for survival, creating an engaging narrative that educates and entertains. The analysis of weapons and their effectiveness against zombies is well-researched and thoughtfully presented. The essay offers a detailed examination of various weapon types, their advantages, and limitations. The emphasis on sensory details and the impact of loud noises on attracting zombies demonstrates a deep understanding of the subject matter. The section on food and water addresses the critical importance of sustenance during a crisis. The explanations about the types of foods, their nutritional value, and the methods of purifying water are informative and insightful. The essay excels at conveying the necessity of proper sustenance for survival in a compelling manner.
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Transition Clarity: Enhance the transitions between different sections to ensure a smoother flow and clearer progression of ideas. Source Integration: Incorporate external sources or references to provide additional credibility to the analysis and recommendations. Exploration of Psychological Impact: Consider delving deeper into the psychological impact of the zombie apocalypse on survivors, including aspects like fear, isolation, and strategies for maintaining mental resilience. Real-World Examples: Include real-world examples or anecdotes that illustrate the effectiveness of certain weapons or survival strategies in similar scenarios, adding authenticity to the essay. Expanded Conclusion: Broaden the conclusion to reflect on the broader themes addressed in the essay, such as human resilience, adaptability, and the potential allegorical interpretations of the zombie apocalypse narrative.
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