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Principles of Making Sure the Roller Coaster

Physics, what is physics you may ask. Well, physics is a natural science that involves motion and time and has studies related to energy and force. Most would say physics is one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines. Some of the energies we use is...

The Dangerous Side Of Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are fun places for both parents and children to feel like they are just innocent little kids in a giant playground, just having a grand time. In some cases, that’s true, in some, it’s scary, especially since it’s also no secret that some...

The Ups and Downs of the Roller Coaster Attractions

Chances are, you’ve seen a roller coaster before. If you haven’t just seen it and actually ridden on it, it could be that you’re one of the lucky ones without some sort of heart condition to hold you back. Or you could be. In this...

The Butterfly Feeling of Roller Coasters in Theme Parks

Disneyland, Six flags, and Great America are all places known for their creative, thrilling, and life-threatening rides. But, how does it work? Roller Coasters date back to the 18th century Russia, the early technology featured sled and wooden reinforcements of slides that were sitting on...

Conquering Personal Fear of Roller Coaster

As I sit at the front seat of the roller coaster train, fear and anxiety infiltrate my mind. The red color of the train makes me think of the rushing blood in my body. The tension in my mind causes me to think that I...

The Variety of Attractions in Theme Parks and Their Life Span

The study stated that the average life expectancy of a theme park was close to 12 years. The time period stated aligns with the norm when it comes to large businesses. The study concluded that; “…theme parks seem to benefit by operating in zones of...

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