Conquering Personal Fear of Roller Coaster

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As I sit at the front seat of the roller coaster train, fear and anxiety infiltrate my mind. The red color of the train makes me think of the rushing blood in my body. The tension in my mind causes me to think that I shouldn’t ride this roller coaster. My eyes capture a glimpse of a lady in a red t-shirt press a red button inside the control room. A loud “BEEP!” follows. The thought that the ride is about to start moves into my mind, aggravating the butterflies in my stomach. The lady now announces through the speaker in the control room, “Roller-Coaster Riders, get ready to experience the world’s fastest roller coaster. In a moment, the over-the-shoulder and lap restraints will fall and lock automatically. Please make sure that your head is against the headrest at all times. If you would like to get off the roller coaster, please inform one of our staff members immediately. The ride will begin shortly!”

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“Just get off!” my brain tells me! I answer, “I don’t know what to do. I am confused!” Promptly, my over-the-shoulder and lap restraints fall and lock over me. I can barely move anymore. I hug my over-the-shoulder restraint since it gives me the feeling of safety. I realise that the hydraulic brakes have released because I hear the strong pressure liberate. Suddenly the train moves forward and then stops, causing the terror in my mind to rise to an extreme level.

“Now what? I can’t get off because the ride has already begun!” I say to my brain. My brain calms me down and replies, “Well, now we can’t do anything. Don’t worry though! You are a courageous person! You can do this!” A terrorising question suddenly pops up in my mind. Why has the ride stopped? What if something has gone wrong? I am relieved when my senses inform me that the engines are just revving. I feel the vibrations under my seat and this diminishes my consternation, as now I know that the roller coaster is preparing itself for the spin-chilling ride ahead. My instincts tell me that the roller coaster is going to start any second now.

In an instant, the train blasts off at an amazingly high speed and simultaneously my insides drop. The screeching noise of the engine’s turbo-boosters invade my ears. The indescribable thrills I experience make me scream as loud as a tiger pistol shrimp. As I shout, the butterflies rush out of my stomach as well. My back is glued to the seat while the roller coaster train shoots down the track as if it were a bullet. The harsh wind blowing across my face causes me to shut my eyes tightly. The fresh air enters my nose, making me feel revived. Suddenly apprehension takes over my feelings. This is because the roller coaster train starts to mount an extremely steep hill. The anxiety calls the butterflies back as well. The roller coaster train finally reaches the roof of the world and instantaneously it plunges downwards, making me airborne. I once again yell, allowing the insane butterflies to exit my stomach. I undergo the unimaginable thrill once again. The sweat produced by the scorching sun rolls over into my mouth, leaving a salty taste. The thrill I experience creates a tingle of excitement and happiness in my brain. The feeling of satisfaction created by the fact that I conquered a great fear gives me pride. I tell myself, “You are indeed a courageous person!”

How many times do you conquer your fears in life and do something that you are scared of? How many times in life are you courageous and say to yourself, “I can do this!” The more you conquer your fears, the more courageous you become. When you do conquer a specific fear you become immune to it. You are not scared of that specific fear anymore. The more fears you are immune to, the stronger and more courageous you become.

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