The Variation of Horror Genre and Its Examples

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When I was a kid, I used to hate horror films, as the matter of fact, I refuse to watch them as I didn’t fathom why would anyone purposely scare themselves. For many people, horror movies are a horrendous experience. They hate to see graphic violence, torture scenes, and hearing several horrific screaming. It takes them out of their comfort and peace, and trust me, I felt that when I was younger. It really opens the door to fear. I remember my first horror movie was “Dracula,” I experienced hyperaware and thrilled. Afterwards, I would get nightmares like being chased by some other entity like big dogs, gorilla, big crowd of people, etc. But now, I progressively love them, and in fact, I even watch them by myself in the dark. Now and then, I would still feel somewhat horrified that I have to cover my face for particularly bad parts however I enjoy seeing them anyways. Perhaps as I’m getting older my scare-level of horror films is getting lower and lower. My eldest brother and I always watch a horror movie together especially whenever there are a family gathering. Except as a rule we have to watch a comedy movie afterwards so we wouldn’t feel terrified and take our mind off of it.

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There are many genres in horror films that I’ve watched, there is the slasher, the supernatural, the gothic, the zombies, and even the eccentric natural disaster just to name a few. The movie Scream has many features of the slasher’s genre, there is lots of blood that would totally please any hardcore slasher fan. In Scream, the leading character is a good-looking high school girl who happens to be a virgin. The killer in Scream is capable of magically appear and disappear at will. The location of killings took place in an isolated house and an empty school. In Scream, the young girl receives a flirty phone calls from a stranger, but the caller turns viciously maniac and threatens her life. If the caller ask her a question and she get it wrong, a hostage is murdered. When a young girl refuses to answer more questions, she is murdered by a masked killer. The movie Crimson Peak is a combination of supernatural and gothic genre of horror films. The movie was a young woman named Edith marries Thomas, a charming and seductive man. She goes to live in Thomas’s gothic mansion. But soon Edith realized she made a mistake. She found out that Thomas and his sister murders all of Thomas’ previous wives, and she’s next. The plot was basically Edith surviving from being the next victim. The movie was full of ghosts, they were the ones who helped Edith save her life by giving her warning and pointing her signs, or else she would be condemned to death.

The movie IT is a supernatural horror film based on Stephen King’s novel. The chapter one follows Bill, Eddie, Ben, Beverly, Richie, and Mike as children. The group seeks for justice after Bill’s brother George was killed while playing in the rain. At first the kids don’t understand who they were against to, but slowly questing for the truth behind George’s death it becomes clear that it was all Pennywise, the evil demon that poses as a child-killing clown. For the next chapter, it is going to more exciting and thrilling. According to the Chapter two trailer and synopsis, the Chapter two is going to tell us how Pennywise was possessed and when did his evilness started. It became more interesting as the kids reunites and are all grownups.

Any genres of horror films are my remedy for negative thinking, I feel so astonished and excited because the fear enter in my mind and soul. Watching scary movies elicits fear because it allows me to experience a situation without actually hurting anyone. Watching scary movies is like a roller coaster, we want to see if we can make through challenge of fear, the concept of being scared but without actually being in risk.

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