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The Usage of Lighting and Sound Effects in Fiddler on The Roof

Although lighting effects were used lightly in Fiddler on the Roof, they made a large impact and aided in the depiction of the time period. Candles were used in various scenes, for example, candles were used at the family dinner. This created an intimate and...

The Review of the Dance Performance: Candle Dance

The Candle Dance is performance by a group of musicians with dancers to dance. In the beginning, this dance was only staged by 5 to 7 female dancers, but along with its development there was perform by a pairing in pairs of men and women....

Embodiment of Dance Variety in a Dance Presentation

The current study embodiments different styles of dance likewise ballet, rythmic gymnastic, oriental, tap, modern, jazz and contemporary dance. Analyses the technical skills, performative skills and the physical skills for each dance I have been experienced to and further the style I personally chosen for...

Classical Ballet Teachers' Intentional and Unintentional Influence on Body Dissatisfaction

Classical Ballet Teachers’ intentional and un-intentional influence on their students’ body dissatisfaction and self-image Introduction Dance could be understood as a phenomenon, where classical ballet in particular, may be considered a niche of its own. Classical ballet dancers are widely known as people who like...

The Sister Act and Its Comparison to the Broadway Version

Within the production of ‘Sister Act’ performed by University Centre Weston, I received the secondary role of Assistant Choreographer as well as ‘Sister Mary Lazarus’. Before the rehearsals began, I researched the role of a Choreographer to help with the creative process. On a theoretic...

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