Essay Samples on Song

Research Paper on Historical Accuracy in the Play Hamilton

With 11 Tony Awards and over 1 million copies of its soundtrack sold, it is no doubt that the musical, Hamilton, has grabbed America’s attention since its debut in 2015. The unlikely star of the production, Alexander Hamilton, is brought back to life through the…

Benefits of Listening to Music While Working Out

For my analysis, I will focus on three experiences: my workout (personal experience), at Tea Bazaar (social experience), and finally at C.R.A.V.E practice (social experience). During my workout I listened to a pre-made playlist using Spotify as the streaming software. I did not know all…

Protest Songs and the Symbolism of the Protest Social Movements

A protest song is a song that explains a particular movement that’s searching for a social change. It’s also a song that expresses the artist’s feelings toward current events that are currently happening in their society. Billie Holiday recorded a song called “Strange Fruit” which…

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