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Nation Concept In Midnight'S Children And Graceland

In the movie Mulan, the lead character sets out to war in place of her ailing father who’s medical condition only becomes worse every day. As it is set in earlier times, she cannot go in her true self and instead, has to impersonate a...

Comparative Analysis of Animation Movies: Moana and Mulan

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Moana by Walt Disney is a fantasy and action Disney movie that follows the story of an island princess who is strongly willed to save her island from natural disasters. Mulan, on the other hand, is an animation where Mulan takes the role of a...

Overview of Important Political Themes Presented in Disney Movies

Nowadays, there are a variety of political themes present in children's literature which helps them understand the world they're growing up in. Some books manage to explain notions on race and culture for example, while others make a poor job describing customs and practices of...

The Sociological Theories and Concepts in Mulan

The film was released in 1998, where the story opens up with the great wall of china, where ShanYu (leader of the Huns) invades China for the sake of control and conquest. Mulan, the daughter of a famed but disabled war veteran, is set out...

The Ideology of Individuality and Gender Nonconformity in Mulan

“What I wanted was to prove I could do things right, so when I looked in the mirror, I’d see someone worthwhile.” Mulan constantly tries to prove her importance through strength in femininity, relatability, self-discovery, and selfishness. She is an inspirational, courageous and brave person....

Mulan and the Value of the Women Independence in a Man Position

Mulan (Ming-Na Wen), was a young girl of Chinese descent, who was uninterested in anything to do with traditional womanly duties or tasks. She was further concerned about the military draft, that demanded each family send a son to serve in the battle against the...

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