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Disaster And Epidemic Preparedness In The Horror World War Z

Earth is not prepared for a major disaster or pandemic and World War Z is an extreme example of what could happen if there were one. World War Z is a post-apocalyptic novel, written by Max Brooks, in which we learn, from an unknown first-person...

World War Z Video Game: The Classes and Their Strengths

Like the movie, the World War Z game features zombies everywhere in a post-apocalyptic world setting. But unlike other zombie games, this one includes different classes with each having their own unique skills to help the team.World War Z is a game developed by Saber...

World War Z by Max Brooks: Apocalyptic Horror Novel

When one thinks of the things that could kill them in a zombie apocalypse, their minds will likely go to disease, starvation, or obviously, zombie. However, there are means of death less talked about yet just as deadly. For example, pharmaceutical drug companies and dishonest...

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