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The Breakfast Club: Portrayal of Adults, Relationships and Sex in Teen Movies

Relationships and sex are frequent topics described in teen movies in the 1980s. The films of this period express the sexual freedom that teens were experiencing for the first time. This chapter happened for a brief period between the sexual liberation movement of the 1970s...

Analysis of The Breakfast Club as a Piece of Media

The title of this project will be “See the World with open eyes...” I think this title connects with all the recourses that I have used so far and will be using in my project. The steps that I have taken so far in this...

The Breakfast Club: Impact of the Environment on the Behaviour

Today I watched a movie called ‘The Breakfast Club’. It was a movie about 5 problem children going to school on a Saturday for detention. Their names were Brian Johnson, Andrew Clark, Allison Reynolds, Claire Standish, and John Bender stereotyped as “the brain, the athlete,...

Assigning Group Roles and Functions in The Breakfast Club

Task Functions: The first task function I will be discussing is information seekers. Information seekers seek information, facts and relevant information to better understand a topic, information seekers may use questions or suggestions to find out more about a topic (Belay, 2018, p.12). A specific...

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