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The Techniques of Data Encryption

We are at a time when the widespread connectivity has put us into more risk than ever before. The consequence is devastating when the data falls into the wrong hands. One of the best ways that have been highly recommended by security professionals is encryption....

E-portfolio And Its Main Types

E-portfolios that is short for automated portfolios are accumulations of an understudy or professional’s effort that exhibit the persons abilities, experience, capacities and accomplishments. An e-portfolio is much similar to a customary portfolio with the exception of everything is on the web. An e-portfolio is...

Developing The Database For Materials Library

The article, “Fake fur, fruit leather, and ferrofluids: Challenges to managing a materials library in the Middle East”, by Richard Lombard and Amy Andreas address the complexity of developing and running a Materials Library (ML) in Middle East. Due to the geographically sensitive location of...

Experiment Report On RFID System Services

Data Collection In this era of modern technology, usage of RFID in organization is increasing rapidly so, activists are very concerned about user’s privacy, security, and proposing much solution that may address RFID security issues. There are two methods of addressing these problems. One is...

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