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Benefits of Fair-Trade and African Country

Fair-Trade is a great way to ensure the health and safety of many individuals in the Ivory Coast and helps deliver justice to the workers who have spent most of their lives, producing goods for us. By Pursuing a Fair-Trade mark, Confetti can help and...

An Op-Ed on Life and Debt and Bad Samaritans

Any country has its way of development. Some countries maintain to thrive in a quickly changing environment, and some have difficulties. Often, IMF and World Bank, which is supported by developed countries, tend to guide underdeveloped countries to make progress by introducing neo-liberalism policies. However,...

The Rise of Mercantilism and Its Goals

Mercantilism was developed in Western Europe in the 16th century in hopes of increasing wealth throughout the nation with proper regulations. It was a developed system that favored a balance of trade, the development of agriculture and manufactures, and the establishment of foreign trading monopolies....

Globalization and International Free Trade

There are various kinds of view on globalization and international free trade. Ritzer and Dean (2015, p.2) defined the globalization as “a transplanetary process” which means a set of processes can increase liquidity and the multidirectional flows of people, objects, places and information. Nowadays, people...

Free Trade: Thailand and Favorable Exchange Rate

“Amazing Thailand, it begins with the people”. This is the tourism slogan used by Thailand, a country that is the heart of Southeast Asia. This slogan highlights Thailand’s way of living and how this affects their visitors of their country. The mentality and hospitality of...

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