The Benefits Of NAFTA For The United States & Mexico

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In 1989 NAFTA went into effect and since then it has brought along many benefits for the trading countries. I argue that NAFTA has been good for both Mexico and the United States. If there is an opportunity for someone in need to get a job, then I believe that something is being done right. There are many people who did not have a job before NAFTA and with it, it has created plenty. Both the United States and Mexico have struggled before with jobs. Either there was not enough opportunities for people to get new jobs or many jobs were not succeeding in their field of work. When NAFTA was established it brought in trading jobs that could benefit the unemployed. While many people were getting these jobs there also began to be an increase in production because NAFTA basically put countries to help out each other. For example, if one country was better at making a good than the other, then they would supply for each other.

In the article of How NAFTA Changed American (And Mexican) Food Forever it is mentioned that goods have been flowing “relatively freely”. That is a good result because that means products are in high demand and when there is something high in demand you usually have to have a lot of workers. The goods that were mentioned in that article are actually food (fruits, vegetables and meats). An example mentioned is “ even when Mexicans eat domestic meat, it’s often been fed on American corn”. According to writer Mark Glassman exports “have climbed up 307 percent” for Mexico and imports into U.S> from Mexico have “jumped by 621 percent. (NAFTA 20 Years After: Neither Miracle nor Disaster, 2013).

When I think of NAFTA I think of balance, like mentioned earlier, sometimes the countries can help each other out if they are not efficient in producing. When trade increases both U.S and Mexico a major benefit with NAFTA is the jobs it created. Many families (especially in Mexico) have gone through a hard time in finding a job. For so long people have been unable to provide for their families because either there was not any jobs or they had a lack of education or even experience. Although jobs through NAFTA may not be the highest paying jobs to ever exist, it at least brought in some income. If someone was really in need of a job, the pay would not really matter as long as some money was brought in.

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