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The Different Types of Markets in Economics

Economics is one of the few topics that allow us to clearly see the interaction between the world and humans as well as allowing us to see the interactions humans have with each as a collective society. Those who practice economics combine theory along with...

How Does Inflation Affect the Imbalance of Payments

Inflation rate is a significant variable in economy and affected nation’s balance of payments. It is determined as a stable increase in the overall price level of goods and services in the economy. According to Quah and Vahey (1995), inflation rate is general increase in...

The Landscape of Syrian Economy and the Oil Industry

Syria is a country located in the Middle East on the boundary of the Mediterranean Sea. (CIA, n.d., under “Location”) According to Central Intelligence Agency, “more than half of [Syria’s] population lives in the coastal plain… and the Euphrates River valley.” (n.d., under “Geography”) Syria’s...

Issues Of Intra-Regional Trade Of SAARC Countries

The exchange profile of individual SAARC part nations uncovers that intra-territorial fare and import exchange bears comparable attributes. Over the period 1980-2003, every part nations’ exchange rate to worldwide fares and imports have observed to be whimsical and negligible. The intraregional add up to exchange...

The Non-Economic Consequences Of Colonialism

The non-economic consequences of colonialism are just as damaging as the economic consequences. The asymmetric developments in the global economy during industrial epoch I–roughly the two hundred years ending in the 1950s–were a result not of unequal markets, but these dual asymmetries were shaped by...

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