The Tactics Used by Illuminati Organisation in the Government Intervention

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The Illuminati is an elite organization of world leaders, business authorities, innovators, artists, and other influential members of this planet. Their coalition unites influencers of all political, religious, and geographical backgrounds to further the prosperity of the human species as a whole. The Illuminati uses famous people to spread their beliefs among all. Those who don’t obey their orders are often times killed. The Illuminati’s ultimate goal is to create a new world order and a worldwide economy. Although the Illuminati is blamed for stuff that is far out of their power, the Illuminati is responsible for money laundering, persuading the common people through pop culture, and using harmful tactics of elimination. The Illuminati uses several tactics to launder money.

The most common tactic that the Illuminati uses to create a global economy is to hide valuable metals such as gold and diamonds. In doing so, the Illuminati is able to limit the amount other countries are able to have, attempting to make the economy equal. “In addition, their mounds of gold and silver might be offered as reserves for a new world currency in order to sell that concept to the public, thereby giving control of the world currency to private bankers who would operate outside of government control. Or there might still be government control, as long as they, the Illuminati, control the world government, of course” (Chapman). As shown in the quote, the Illuminati’s main reason for laundering money is to gain more power for their organization in the governments, as well as create a global economy. Not only do Illuminati members attempt to hold precious metals, but they are also involved in illegal dealings. “The cult is often involved in making money from drug smuggling and selling. The Mafia is well aware that there is another group of people involved in illegal enterprises, a group that they do not like to mess with. There is an unwritten but well understood division on the streets about which group controls which territory, as well as frequent ‘business partnerships’ between the Mafia and lower level Illuminists who are intermediaries” (Svali). Svali describes the distinction between the Illuminati and the Mafia. There is a fine line between the two, and both groups try not to intersect with the other.

The Illuminati is involved in a fair share of illegal dealings besides drug smuggling such as illegal bonds, prostitution, illegal gambling, pornography, and much more. All of these things help the Illuminati get closer to obtaining their goal of a global economy. Not only do the Illuminati use physical tactics, but they also use mental tactics, oftentimes without the victim even knowing. The Illuminati targets younger people through today’s pop culture. Some examples of of influencing their beliefs can be seen in music, television, and even movies. The most well known Illuminati members in pop culture are Beyonce, her husband Jay-Z, and their young daughter, Blue Ivy. Many speculations have floated around about their daughter’s name having connections to the Illuminati. The biggest speculation has been, “First, the idea that Blue Ivy backwards – Eulb Yvi — is Latin for the name of Lucifer’s female offspring is full of theoretical and factual holes” (Sciarretto). Despite there being a lack of evidence for this claim, due to the Bible not mentioning Lucifer having a daughter, several Latin-speaking priests have confirmed that this is a strong possibility, and that Blue Ivy’s name could be a tie to the Illuminati. Even before the birth of Blue Ivy, several conspiracy theories have surrounded Beyonce and Jay-Z.

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There are several instances during their performances where they can be seen doing the “devil horn” hand signal, and also their performances have reflected there being a “greater God”. “Beyonce certainly didn’t disappoint as she came out wearing the headdress of the Illuminati goddess Semiramis (aka Isis, or even the light rays of Lucifer; the illuminated deity of the Illuminati) while conveying a message of the power of the goddess and women in general” (Green). Beyonce’s performance during the 2017 Grammy awards is a great example of forcing beliefs through pop culture. These beliefs are being passed on to the world today without people even realizing it. Due to this, the Illuminati is able to thrive in spreading their beliefs. The Illuminati has a brutal way to execute those who don’t correspond to what they want, or to eliminate a particular group of people. There are several conspiracy theories about the Illuminati controlling pop artists known as “one hit wonders”. Many theorists believe that the Illuminati controls what songs play, and if a song isn’t up to their expectations, they do whatever they can to eliminate that artist. One example of the Illuminati eliminating a popular artist is Kurt Cobain. Kurt’s death was a sudden, heartbreaking death that was concluded to be a “suicide”. Kurt’s wife believes differently, and so do many others. There was a lack of evidence, and even a lack of pictures at the scene, with no autopsy being performed. Due to the lack of evidence, and the belief that Kurt was not suicidal, many theories spurred around his death. “Another death, this time the death of legendary musician and singer Kurt Cobain is confirmed to be at the hands of CIA according to direct testimony of his ex-wife Courtney Love.

In a confession, stunning only to those unfamiliar with Operation Chaos, Love recently divulged details of Cobain’s life leading up to his death that leave serious doubt his death being a coincidental suicide as the controlled media would have you believe” (Suarez). This theory that Kurt was murdered by the CIA connects to the Illuminati’s involvement in the government. There is also substantial evidence proving that the Illuminati/government have cures for several diseases that are not available to the public. Even though some may argue that there are too many risks involved with the medicine, what holds them back from allowing the use of the medicine when already facing a deadly disease? “Researchers at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Canada have cured cancer last week, yet there is a little ripple in the news or in TV. It is a simple technique using very basic drug. The method employs dichloroacetate, which is currently used to treat metabolic disorders. So, there is no concern of side effects or about their long term effects. This drug doesn’t require a patent, so anyone can employ it widely and cheaply compared to the costly cancer drugs produced by major pharmaceutical companies” (Sott). This shows that due to the cure for cancer not being patentable, there is no real way to secure money. Due to this, the cure will not be released to the public, nor will testing continue. Not only does the Illuminati get their hands dirty without being caught due to government involvement, but they also have indirect ways of elimination.There is a large amount of people that are strictly against any idea of the existence of the Illuminati.

The group of people that search for evidence of the Illuminati not existing is known as the Anti-Illuminati. This group contains mostly extremely strict religious believers that are against the idea of a group that coincides with the devil. In their disbelief of the Illuminati, they have found some concrete evidence that proves their point. Many people have come up with very logical ideas that prove that maybe the Illuminati is based on rumors. “People claim that Michael Jackson (and others) were killed because they were going to expose the Illuminati. What is there to expose?” (ObviouslyNotATroll). This is very logical. If the Illuminati is a secret organization, why does everybody know about it? Also, “No ‘secret organization’ would leave clues for us to discover” (ObviouslyNotATroll). If the Illuminati does control pop culture, why would they leave clues in music videos and performances that prove their existence? Even though this is concrete evidence about the Illuminati not truly existing, all of these claims spur a lot of controversy which may be their goal. Many people feel like the Illuminati is among them, and paranoid. However, many people may also think that controlling the whole human population is impossible. “There’s more of us than there are of them. Quite frankly, we would be able to crush them easily at some point, considering how we vastly outnumber them. And despite the idea that they are trying to make us have the same opinion, we still have free will in democracies. As such, there are enough people to overthrow them. Besides, even if we did, what would we replace it with? Another system that will eventually get corrupt and restart the process again” (MrVeteran).

Despite the common culture having more people, the Illuminati has more money and power. Due to the Illuminati being intervened with the government, despite the common people having more people, the Illuminati’s power is way stronger- nuclear weapons, money, shelter, and much more. If the Illuminati’s goal was to eliminate the world, they would have no problem doing so. However, this is not their goal.In conclusion, the Illuminati is a group of people who are very powerful, and are attempting to create a New World Order. This New World Order includes many aspects including money laundering, persuading the common people though pop culture, and harmful tactics of elimination. Despite having a large group of people trying to prove that they don’t exist, evidence shows otherwise. Did the Illuminati create the Anti-Illuminati to try to become a secret organization again? The world may never know, however, hints through pop culture, and hints through the government continue to prove their existence.

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