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The Impact Of Plato’s Book Symposium

In Plato’s book, the Symposium, the premise is that of a dinner party held among the friends of Socrates. As the topic of discussion, they dive into the conversation surrounding desire and seek to find an ample description of it. Socrates adds to the conversation...

Symposium As a Philosophical Perception

Love has various meanings for different people. Plato’s Symposium explores various meanings of love and its benefit to individuals and society. The conversation about love started as Athenian men of high moral standing the met in a drinking party and decided to discuss the meaning...

The Symposium Analysis: Plato’s Ladder of Love

After reading Plato’s Symposium, it is quite evident that Plato accepts and endorses the idea of the Ladder of Love as opposed to the other ideas discussed in the agora. In this particular symposium, their encomium was in regard to the God of Love, and...

The Most Famous Plato’s Symposium

Plato’s Symposium known as one of the philosophies most famous pieces of literature delves into the discussion of love and what its true meaning is. Presented as a series of speeches, Symposium works to continuously build and argue the different opinions of love and its...

Understanding the Philosophy of Love: Analysis of "Symposium"

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In order to understand the underlying philosophy of love, its types, underlying essence and the fragmentism that can help to understand it in its true form, it is necessary to reflect the visions claimed in Plato’s Symposium. There are different dimensions of love that are...

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