Essay Samples on Philosophy of Life

Analysis Of Various Viewpoints Of Metaethics

Metaethics is defined as “a second- order philosophical inquiry that investigates the nature, meaning, and justification of ethical statements. ” (Pacillo 1). A first world inquiry would make direct statements about the world whereas second order inquiries make claims about first order statements. A good…

How "High Thinking" Can Free Us

Observe your fellow New Yorkers. Look at their faces. What do you see? Are the signs of constant strain clear? Watch their feet. What is their rhythm? Hurriedness? Doesn’t their jerking gaze tell you something about the state of their inner self? Have you found…

Analysis Of Ode To Melancholy By John Keats

The poem “Ode to Melancholy” by John Keats is laden with complex meaning and symbolism. The Ode uses metaphor and images, referencing everything from nature to mythology. The poem is structured into three stanzas consisting of ten lines, each stanza brings us closer to understanding…

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