The Theme of Generosity In "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens

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The Theme of Generosity In "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens essay
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A timeless theme is a theme that is relevant throughout life no matter what time frame it will still be ubiquitous. A timeless theme is not just a theme that resonates in our modern age, or a theme that was applicable decades or even centuries ago because the theme would be irrelevant. An important theme that has been prevalent in media such as plays, films, and stories is the theme of generosity. No matter the time period, generosity will always be relatable to people because every individual will experience generosity or will be generous to someone else. Generosity is very palpable in the classic play, “A Christmas Carol,” the film, “A Diva’s Christmas Carol” and in today’s everyday modern world. In the play, “A Christmas Carol,” by Charles Dickens, the theme of generosity is featured in the play as there were multiple instances of Scrooge being selfish and greedy.

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To emphasize the theme of generosity in the play, Scrooge was not only able to make himself happier but also made himself cherished by his only family by learning to be generous. To start off, the protagonist Scrooge gave a low salary to his employee, Bob Cratchit, as he wanted to keep all the money that was earned to himself. Therefore, this portrays Scrooge as a very selfish and unappealing person. Also, another example was when the two gentlemen seeking donations for the poor approached Ebenezer Scrooge. However, Scrooge turned away from the needs of others while only thinking for himself. Not to mention, when Scrooge’s maid requested a day off on Christmas Day, Scrooge responded with annoyance and anger without a care in the world that she may have had plans to spend time with loved ones. After being visited by all 3 Christmas spirits, Ebenezer Scrooge immediately repented and became a great example of kindness and generosity that was proven when he increased Bob Cratchit’s pay, donating large sums of money to the poor, and allowed his maid the day off and gave her a raise. The fact that he has done all these things shows that he wants to become a more generous figure and learned to give back what he has. This play was enacted in the 1800’s but a similar example of the theme of generosity is also in the modern film “A Diva’s Christmas Carol”. In the film, “A Diva’s Christmas Carol”, it shined a modern light onto the forever timeless theme of generosity. Each character in the film is a representation of the characters shown in the play “A Christmas Carol.” The selfish, cruel character was Ebonie, a portrayal of Scrooge. Similarly, the low paid worker who was set aside as a tool was Bob Cratchit and his sick son was named Tim.

Ebonie’s character was shown as a very selfish, vain and short-tempered person. Due to her acts of generosity she was then seen as a wonderful and kind-hearted person. For example, she would take the earnings from her concerts for herself while manipulating her fans into thinking that all the money would be going towards charity. Her crew was also forced to stay with her over Christmas in lieu of their loved ones in order to help Ebonie perform her concert. This shows that Ebonie thought of her crew as tools. She took the most luxurious and spacious hotel rooms for herself while leaving her employees musty and cramped rooms. In addition, she had a great friend and partner named Terry. In the film,it said that Terry had tried to start up a new band however Ebonie’s lawyers had crushed her financially. From then on, she never checked up on Terry and she became homeless. Afterwards, Ebonie met the spirits of Christmas. She learned her lesson and her malevolence took a turn as Ebonie opened her heart to Christmas. She mentioned in an interview that she would do anything she could to help those in need. In addition, she also purchased plane tickets for her crew, knowing how desperately they wanted to be reunited with their loved ones. Terry was given the opportunity to sing with Ebonie during their Christmas concert and most likely received financial support from Ebonie. Ebonie’s sudden change of behavior shows that she had tried and succeeded to become a better more generous character and has been accepted as a very magnanimous person.

Generosity is prevalent everywhere you go such as when someone shovels your driveway voluntarily, buys you a cup of coffee, or when you donate to a charity in order to assist the less fortunate. It is almost impossible to go through a day without a little bit of generosity. Tiny tidbits of benevolence and hospitality happen so frequently that they are almost unrecognizable. Without generosity, life would be empty. The overall theme of generosity from the 1800’s to this current day is still very similar.In conclusion, the perennial theme of generosity still thrives from plays, films, and modern day. The importance of being generous and kind allows us to be recognized in a positive light and gives us all a feeling of interconnectedness as a community.

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This essay effectively explores the enduring theme of generosity across different media and time periods. The writer analyzes how the theme is presented in Charles Dickens' play "A Christmas Carol" and the modern film "A Diva's Christmas Carol." The examples provided illustrate the transformation of characters from selfishness to generosity, reinforcing the essay's central argument. The essay discusses how generosity is relevant in modern times as well, highlighting its presence in everyday acts. The analysis demonstrates a strong understanding of the theme's significance and its portrayal in diverse contexts. The essay could benefit from more concise transitions between ideas and improved organization to enhance coherence.
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Thesis Statement: Revise the thesis statement to provide a succinct overview of the main argument and the specific aspects of generosity that will be discussed. Organization: Structure the essay with well-defined sections or subheadings that address each example (play, film, modern world) to enhance clarity and organization. Transition Sentences: Strengthen transitional sentences between paragraphs to guide the reader through the progression of ideas smoothly. Examples and Analysis: Provide more detailed analysis of specific scenes or quotes from both the play and the film to further support the theme of generosity. Conclusion: Summarize the key points made throughout the essay and reiterate the significance of the theme of generosity in different time periods and media.
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The Theme of Generosity In "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens essay

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