Essay Samples on Paradise Lost

The Sympathy for Evil in Paradise Lost and Faustus

Abhorrent judgments abound these days. Violence. Hate. War. Political insanity over authority. It all seems so negative. Events and such individuals become more disturbing than the last, and this initiates the loss of hope. Nevertheless, what if things are not as bad as they seem?…

Satan as a Hero in Paradise Lost

Literary heroism typically refers to a character being admired for their courage, achievements or noble qualities. However, there are many interpretations of what a hero can be defined as depending on the context. In Milton’s Paradise Lost, the character of Satan tends to be pigeonholed…

Analysis of Dante's Inferno and Paradise Lost

It is easy to fall victim to the idea of how limited, in the sense that we constantly feel restricted by society’s standards. Yet, we are reminded of our existence and expectation that God has for us. Religion – easily summarized as the study of…

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