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Criticism of Psychological Influence of “The Seafarer”

The Anglo-Saxon Poetry “The Seafarer” by an unknown author reflects the inner conflict of a sailor between his fear of the ocean and the restless urge to travel and reveals the religious meaning of adversity and self-realization. The narrator began the poem by stating his...

The Use Of Figurative Language To Portray Anxiety In "The Seafarer"

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“The Seafarer” is an Old-English poem that seems to be wrapped around a man at sea but goes through anxiety and depression. The main theme(s) that reoccur throughout this poem is finding a purpose, dealing with death, and spiritual journeys. In The Seafarer the man...

Analysis of Literary Devices Used in The Seafarer

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The seafarer uses many literary devices, such as alliteration, personification, and anaphora to effectively contrast and highlight the differences between the man’s views. It is a poem of constant movement. This is shown in the alliteration of “When wonderful things were worked among them”(84). The...

Theme of the Feeling of Isolation from Civilization in Wanderer and the Seafarer

Both the Wanderer and Seafarer have themes of Spiritual reflection, dissatisfaction, and the loneliness that comes with being far from civilization both physically and metaphorically. In the seafarer, God is presented in contradicting ways. On one hand, God is the cure to the speakers restlessness,...

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