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Mythology as the Source of Imagery in T. S. Elliot's The Wasteland

The Wasteland was a famous poem from 20 centuries that was written by Eliot T.S. According to Eliot every poet takes ideas from his role models and transform them into something new. In the Wasteland the concept of intertextuality appears in themes of death, tragic...

The Wasteland: Criticism of the Humanity's Neglect of the Environment

The poem The Wasteland, provides a negative portrayal of the cultural and environmental state of the modern world. Through the use of polyphony, it compiles a shared sense of cultural doom, the landscaping which is utilized is often barren and dry, this indicates the view...

Analysis of Literary Elements Used in "The Wasteland"

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The wasteland of Thomas Stearns Eliot, poems that was published in 1922, this poem would become the top work of the English author. We can notice in Eliot a modern poetic vision, despite the warnings in time. This poem presents many complexities that makes it...

Prophetic and Catastrophic Voices in The Second Coming and The Waste Land

The mythological allusion that Eliot considers most important is that of Tiresias. Tiresias is a character who, in Greek mythology, spent time as a man and as a woman. He was blinded for spite and had the gift of prophecy. In Tiresias, Eliot makes all...

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