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Comparing "Walking Away" and "Mother, Any Distance"

When it comes to exploring complex emotions and relationships, poetry has the remarkable ability to capture the nuances of human experience. Two poems that delve into themes of separation, distance, and the parent-child relationship are "Walking Away" by Cecil Day-Lewis and "Mother, Any Distance" by...

Analysis Of "To His Mistress Going To Bed" By J. Donne

To His Mistress going to Bed by John Donne is taken into account because it is the greatest verbal striptease in English literature. Originally this poem spelled on His mistress attending bed. During this dramatic scenario, there's a male speaker within the literary composition. He...

The Power Of Personification In The Poetry Of John Donne And Mary Oliver

Abstract on John Donne’s life. John Donne was born into a Catholic family at a time when Catholics suffered discrimination and persecution by the Anglican royal house. He was educated at the Oxford and Cambridge Universities but did not receive his degree because he would...

The Theme of Loss of Faith in "Dover Beach" By Matthew Arnold

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“If you lose money you lose much, if you lose friends you lose more, if you lose faith you lose all” Eleanor Roosevelt, former first lady of the United States The poem “Dover Beach” by Matthew Arnold is about the speaker who expresses the changes...

Analysis of the Imagery in Christina Rossetti's Poem "Song"

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The poem “Song” is a very meaningful poem that displays imagery in a quite unique way that the author Christina Rossetti portrayed. I found that the way that Rossetti shows and tells her poem it is sort of like a song that rhymes and tells...

Beauty of Nature in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Humankind won’t prosper without the resources that nature provides. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is about a sailor who thoughtlessly kills an albatross sent by the polar spirit to guide his ship. A series of horrendous events begin to take place. Water supply became...

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