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Survival Is Insufficient In Novel Of Station Eleven

Societies can interconnect human life but can also isolate people from each other with the technology within. Station Eleven is a novel about a society devolving into a Dystopia, but it also explores what a society is. Mandel explores society through different perspectives by describing...

Collapse of Society During a Pandemic in Station Eleven

During the outbreak of the flu in the novel Station Eleven, society collapses. Though ninety percent of the population is killed by influenza, there are a few survivors. Each of them with their own story. These people have to change and adapt to the new...

The Main Themes of Salvation in Station Eleven

The novel Station Eleven could be seen to have many different themes. I believe this novel has a few themes that stand out. These themes focus on what people turn to in tough times. Those are faith, fate, and memory. In the novel, the characters...

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