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The Death of Ivan Ilych: Reality Turning into an Eternal Fantasy

My text talk about the life of Ivan, and in the text I will present arguments to make my thesis more strong. Thesis: In the novella “The Death of Ivan Ilych”, in that novella, Tolstoy uses Ivan’s life to explore cultural and social issues. In...

The Human Relationships in the Life and Death of Ivan Ilych

The book tells the story of Ivan until his death. It belonged to the elite, to the Russian aristocracy, a class very coveted socially and very rich, this bourgeoisie occupied the highest social positions, that is, had a great status and therefore, always wanted more,...

The Superficiality of Life in The Death of Ivan Ilych

The book “The death of Ivan Ilych” is about a life superficial of a man that lived in Russia, in century nineteen with your family. Of course this novella brings a message with a moral lesson about how a life futile cause pain, suffering, regrets...

Biographical Elements in Leo Tolstoy's The Death of Ivan Ilych

In The Death of Ivan Ilych written by Leo Tolstoy there are many parallels that can be made between the novella and Tolstoy’s personal life. Using the biographical critical lense the reader is able to further interpret Tolstoy’s novella and see the parallels between the...

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