The Human Relationships in the Life and Death of Ivan Ilych

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The book tells the story of Ivan until his death. It belonged to the elite, to the Russian aristocracy, a class very coveted socially and very rich, this bourgeoisie occupied the highest social positions, that is, had a great status and therefore, always wanted more, never stopped the search for power, fame and especially money. Well, the story presents some essential elements to better understand the context, because they are superficial examples because, in reality, they do not exist. Therefore, the work addresses a very complicated subject in a more light and creative way, causing it to catch the attention of the reader, being the main subject the death of Ivan Ilyich or his steps until his death, his life before death catch you for once.

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As Ivan had always mentioned Ivan's life was always surrounded by relationships of total interest, but he had an intimate friend, Peter Ivanovich, this man was one of the only ones who cared for Ivan, he had a good relationship with his friend, it was not only of interest, he had, but perhaps only a little, we can perceive this fact when Peter went to the wake of Ivan in his house, just as he tells in the story he seemed to care and feel a bad feeling after his death, just did not want to be consumed by that strong and sad pain. Another fact that we can see that Peter was someone he knew and was considered by Ivan, because he was very present in history, for a great part or less of it, an example is the beginning that tells how was the vélorio, represented by a conversation of Peter with Ivan's wife: 'I thought I would never leave his bed again,' said Peter Ivanovich aloud. 'It's very sad.' Another thing we can say about Peter is that even though he was a close friend, he had some minimal interests, such as just going to Ivan's house after his death, so that he could send his brother-in-law back, pleasing his wife, and winning credits with it. With regard to all these embarrassing and interesting situations, Ivan could perhaps trust someone, I'm not sure how much.

The book begins by telling the story of Ivan's death, but every story has its antecedents and one of them is Ivan's family. This family was very close, with several secrets to hide, mainly by fact of Ivan, being a very focused man in his work ends up not creating a very good relationship with his family, he lived away, but because he had a great job and had a lot of social statuses, he was always surrounded by people who were only interested in his money, as his wife Praskovya Fedorovna, she unfortunately only maintained a relationship of total interest, after the death of her husband, was only interested in how to achieve more inheritance, more money, more status, in no time stopped to worry really with what she had just lost in her husband's case. Just before Ivan's death, when he began to feel unwell, different reactions occurred to his children, Lisa as well as his mother, became angry with the situation, because his father would not work or care about him, he thought this rest was not necessary. Vladimir, his other son, was very worried and supported his father in all the decisions taken.

Gerasim was a servant of Ivan Ilyich who took care of him. He represents a working class and honest, the proletarians of Russia, as he portrays in history, he was the one who spent all the time, every day and hour caring and basic was the only one who cared about him and did not have a relationship of total interest, it was an employee and boss relationship. We can say that he was totally the opposite of his boss Ivan, as he cites in the text, he comes from a simple class and probably would not occupy the positions belonging to the elite, they lived in general dedicating themselves to works more oriented towards the bourgeoisie, manuals and armies, while the aristocracy was turned to political or state jobs. And with Gerasim we can also realize that he had a kind and kind nature with Ivan, because unlike other people he knew that he would die one day, everyone else did not want to believe that Ivan would die and from that began to have a tender pity, zeal and care for him, he thought that when he was close to his death he wanted someone to care and care until his death.

Accordingly, we came to the consensus that life Ivan was really surrounded by people who only wanted to have relationships of total interest, people who unfortunately did not really love him, did not have a true feeling for him, just wanted money, status and when it came to the news that Ivan was sick, no one wanted to believe, they did not accept the fact that he died and that they themselves died, after all, they died one day, but they did not want that fate until they could complete all the goals and fortunes they thought necessary to a human aristocrat, being the only man to accept death, to realize that it was better to build a good life, not only for material goods but also for things that were worth living experiences. After all this analysis, we can infer that we should not only concern ourselves with material goods, with wealth or fame, we must live day by day, always thinking that one day everything will end and when this happens you will have done everything you like, with who likes, will have absorbed several experiences and in the end would not be reprized of anything of what happened.

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