Essay Samples on Tragedy

Power, Hubris, and Hamartia in Sophocles 's Antigone

Lord Acton, a well-known British historian, writer, and politician, resonated the repercussions of power and dominance by stating that ‘All power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely” (Moreell, ‘Power Corrupts’). This is just one of the themes covered in Sophocles ‘s Antigone. Within this…

Controlling the Chaos - Fun Home: A Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel

What aspects can define what Popular Literature is? How is control a crucial aspect of Popular Literature? Popular literature is intended for large audiences and requires a certain level of engagement and entertainment. It is accompanied by many different aspects that can help showcase a…

Medea - a Princess in Ancient Greek Mythology

The most intriguing part of a Greek tragedy is the involvement of a tragic hero, which consistently draws in a greater group of spectators and excites their feelings. A tragic hero is an honorable or imperial character whose pain is brought about by his own…

The Set of Rules as a Foundation of the Tragedy Genre

Since the beginning of human life, storytelling has developed and progressed though time, however many ancient techniques, styles and genres have remained popular and used ever since their creation, despite that changes it has experienced. One of the most famous of these ancient genres being…

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