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Blind Devotion in James Joyce’s “Araby”

“Araby” by James Joyce is a short story whose basic external story is easy to follow. However, typical of Joyce, it is actually deeply layered allegorical story, with autobiographical themes and references to medieval, religious, and classic references. Though when the story is read for...

Araby: The Battle of Lust and Family Roots

Epiphany is a central motif in “Araby” which represents disappointment. Joyce defines epiphany as the moment when the essence of a character is revealed. In this paper, I will show that the boy experiences incremental but eye-opening discoveries that will help him understand more about...

The Use Of Social Media Among Arab Females

Personality detection from appearance by humans has long been a topic of interest in the domain of psychology, as it has deep implications in studying personal interaction and first impressions. The vast majority of the investigations in brain science have concentrated on outward appearances as...

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