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The Power of Friendship in "Amigo Brothers" by Piri Thomas

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Sometimes being in a sport such as boxing keeps kids out of trouble. Antonio cruz and Felix vargas have a friendship that is unbreakable and what brought them closer to each other is going to the same boxing gym together everyday. What helps is that...

The Amigo Brothers: The Difficulty in Understanding Identity Through Social Constructs

Piri Thomas’ novel Down These Mean Streets depicts a captivating and thought-provoking story that delineates significant questions of class, gender, and race within society. What are they really? Where does one stand if they’re mixed? Why are these elements so important? Carefully illustrated by Piri,...

The Literary Analysis of The Amigo Brothers by Piri Thomas

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Do you think friendship should be valued over personal desires? In The Amigo Brothers by Piri Thomas, friendship wins. The story is about two kids, Tony and Felix, who both want to be boxers. They have the chance to go forth and be even better,...

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