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Construction of the Highwaymen Genre in Ideology of Youth

It is not easy to discuss the childhood and youth construct in a particular generic or universal context. This concept however, could be contested both in terms of time (historical emergence) and space (local, national and global). Theorists like Allat and Keil (1987) acknowledge the...

The Beggar and Player: Highwayman's Tale

This was written on John Gay’s tomb, a mocking couplet by him, showing his sense of humour, something he kept until the end of his life. John Gay was an English poet and playwright and was born on 30th June 1685 in Barnstaple, where he...

The Life and Death of Jonathan Wild: The Real Highwayman

Jonathan Wild rose to power at a time in London where crime was prevalent, and a lot of people wanted something done about it. Wild became very well known to the people of London as well as befriending criminals and becoming a leader of the...

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