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Theme Of Gender And Sexuality In The Plays Of Famous Playwrights

Though separated by thousands of years and thousands of miles, three famous playwrights have continued an everlasting conversation on the relationships between gender and distinctions in the social order. The Greek Euripides lived around 400 B.C.E. The German Hrotsvit lived around 950 C.E. The American...

Prominent Playwrights Throughout The History Of The Theatre

“All the World’s a Stage,” this popular line taken from the famous Shakespearian play- As You Like It - describes how theater has plagued our everyday life and is indeed an inseparable part of it. Theater: a dynamic, collaborative art form which is dependent on...

The Historical Realities of Reaganism Behind Angels in America

Written in a time of pride, prejudice, and punishment, Angels in America, a gay fantasia exploring a wide variety of National Themes is a highly dramatic piece that sets against a backdrop of selfishness, sexual politics and the introduction to a new and misinformed disease:...

Angels in America: America's Queer Phenomenon in Theater

Critical portrayal of society serves to enhance the audience’s awareness of the weakness of the current social order at the time in order to draw their attention to the necessity of change. Ultimately, Kushner wants us to participate in the challenging creation of a more...

Dealing with One's Sexuality in Angels in America

Throughout Angels in America, we see Tony Kushner take on and discuss several national issues that were important in the 1980s, including homosexuality and homophobia during the AIDs crisis, and the idea of progressivism vs. conservatism and what it meant to change. This story and...

Societal Prejudice Against People in Black Elk Speaks and Angels in America

The books Black Elk Speaks by John G. Neihardt, and Angels In America by Tony Kushner are two similar readings both involving continuous conflict and prejudicial treatment occurring to members within a society. Though the protagonists in both books feel a profound sense of responsibility,...

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