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The Inescapable And Irretrievable Past In The Play All My Sons And Novel The Road

Both McCarthy and Miller explore the significance of past actions that are evident in the present world. In ‘All My Sons’, it is Keller’s actions of allowing faulty engine parts to be used, resulting in the death of twenty one pilots, and ultimately Larry’s suicide....

Critique Of The Setting And Storytelling Of Arthur Miller's Play "All My Sons"

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An intriguing modern tragicomedy yet unpredictability of motifs defines Howard Davies reproduction of All My Sons. Every factor involved in the development of the play correlated perfectly that the build of tension played my emotions along the lines of justice. Overall, I can confidently prove...

Atonement and All My Sons Comparing Analysis

The ways in which Miller and McEwan explore guilt and shame are very similar, with both texts set against the backdrop of the Second World War, although McEwan was writing years later in 2001. The majority of ‘Atonement’ is giving two accounts of the war,...

The Collapse of The American Dream in All My Sons by Arthur Miller

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Arthur Miller was an American playwright who was well known for his captivating and emotional play, All My Sons, in 1947. In this play, the Keller family is known as a great example of the American dream. Overall, the family tries to hide the effects...

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