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Among The Banned Books: Of Mice And Men

The legendary novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is about two migrant workers who make their way across Southern California to find new jobs to make a living. However, the setting take place around the time of the Great Depression and things start...

Crazy Lady: One Of The Banned Books

Numerous amounts of public libraries and schools all around the world eagerly call for the banning of books hoping to have certain titles removed from the book shelves. Crazy Lady! written by Jane Leslie Conly was published in 1993. This book is mainly about a...

Critically Acclaimed And Banned Books

Throughout the ages, literary works have been both critically acclaimed and disparaged. Such criticisms have resulted in the banning of controversial books, an approach aimed to remove the book from society all together rather than to address its controversiality. The banning of books stems all...

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