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The Crucible: An Allegory For Mccarthyism

Under such a repressive system, citizens will rebel; and in most cases their insubordination is justified. It is this thin line which suggests that theatre indeed walks a knifes edge between both upholding ideological conformity and resisting it. McCarthyism is the name associated with the...

Pride and Reputation in the Crucible

Cicero, a famous Greek statesman, and writer once defined “Morals” as “proper behavior of a person in society, or a person’s standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and not acceptable to do.” Morals play a big role in the way people in “The...

Crucible: Human Obsession with Reputation

Human’s are everchanging and constantly evolving people, but some things remain true even today and were also true 300 years ago. Reputation has always been something people have held very dear, even if it means discarding things or people close to them. The dignity showed...

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