Life Is Never Flat

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Life always have the way itself. If we thinking about it, life just like a ball. Sometimes it is going down, and sometimes it is going up. Maybe, as a human we have our own direction, but we can choose which way that we want to choose. Welcoming the new student, generally it be a gold moment for every institution. Every institution will prepare their self in welcoming the new comers. From the committee that prepare for the event which is will full of activity. Started from when we as a student registered in the college, then prepare for the test, and after the announcement they are prepare for the the welcoming moment.

Almost in every university in Indonesia, doing like introduction day for the new comers as the first event that joining by the new comers. This is started with those activity that as one part of the introduction day even though in campus, faculty or even on their program also. So at least they had three steps before be the real of college student. Why is this activity should be held by the committee which is the senior from the higher grade? Firstly, it will make a relationship between the junior and the senior closer than before, secondly, it will growth the leadership value for the committee during they organize the new comers, and last, it will growth the way of think of the new comers. It is not so far from the vision of the university which is generally want to make their institution better than before in amost all aspect without any exceptions. No one can escape from this situation because it is really important thing that we shoul do before we started the process of teaching and learning. We can not be selfish in feeling that it is just a drama, and not important, but we should think properly the benefit that we will good. Maybe sometimes there are a mind that try to give the bad mindset about some activity, but just try to see something from the good aspect. Do not try to bad in behavior because it will be our habitually if we are do it properly.

A greatful moment during welcoming the new student shoul be time that we are feeling happy because we can improve our social activity in case which way that we use for receive someone when they had come to our place. They, as the new comers are our family because they will be part of our big family, the differences just in the way they act not as same as us. It is not as far because they have not yer got the same experience as we got. They still lack of knowledge, so they still need to improve their knowledge.

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Be better for our future, yes everybody know everything is not always be the same as before. A lot of changes had happened around us, no one will understand except ourselves. So we are have our own right to take our own decision. As choose institution to continue our study, we might be choose the good one, maybe the achievement was totally good, but how about their foundation in building the personality aspect in their students self.

In term of welcoming the new comers in an institution, we should always try to give the value of the institution that they should know, like feed them with information that useful to them. People will react as what they get. It is also can happen between the new comers and also the seniors. If the seniors give a good behavior to the new comers so the new comers will do the same. It same as the second theory of Sir. Isaac Newton about The Law of Action and Reaction. What we give that we got.

System may be change during the time, but the values are still on our own self. We might be different when we saw from the cover, but we are totally different inside. Don not judge the book by its cover. It is really rekated to how we reacted to someone after they are doing something. As the new comers that have not knowing about anything, they may be asking about anything that they are not know, so it is the job for the senior to trying to explain what does it mean.

Express the good way by giving the example, as the senior they should trying to give the good example to make the new comers try to imitating and of course as the time have passed, they will become familiar, and it will be their habitually. In case, during an orientation day, a senior not appropriate to the roles, it will growth the bad thing from the new comers it self, which is they are think that all the those activity they are doing is just some a lie, then they will become a lier. So, to make the new comers follow our instruction we should give a good influence then they will attracted to ourself.

Bullying is one kind of activity that suddenly comes in many shape. Sometimes with a rude way, and sometimes with the smooth way. No matter how the bullying it self, as a senior that being committee in an activity during orientation or any activity may not doing any kind of bullying. From the way they talking, act, judge, or even when giving the punishment when someone doing a mistake. Do not try to do that, because it will impact the physicology aspect of the comers itself. They may be think that the activity is not good enough and they can not take the good point from the activity. Being a committee is not a hard thing, but being a participant is not really hard as the committee, be a committee is more difficult because they need to prepare some weeks ago or may be some months ago, to make sure that the activites are going nice. So, from this essay we all know that there are three steps during we welcoming the new comers, polite, giving example, and do not bullying. It is really critical case that really need to solve the cases. We as a young generation, we can make our own derection, follow the way if it is true but let it flow if it is wrong. Life is always changing, if today we are be young, tomorrow we may be the old one.

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