Essay Samples on Existence

Understanding the Concept of Existence and Human Condition in Ray Bradbury's Novel The Martian Chronicles, David Bowie song Five Years and from My Own Experience

The human condition is examined in the works of the book, “The Martian Chronicles,” by Ray Bradbury, the David Bowie song, “Five Years,” and my own personal experience. The human condition is our human existence of birth, mortality, key events that we experience, events in…

Søren Kierkegaard as the Creator of Existentialism

Søren Kierkegaard (1813–1855) was the father of existentialism, a philosophy that focuses primarily on the individual and rejects pure abstract thought in favor of subjective thought and subjective truth. Six themes characterize existentialism.[EM1] First is anti-essentialism, which emphasizes the individual in the act of existing…

A Summation of the Religion of Jainism

The power of religion factors into our everyday existence. Each person has his or her own belief whether for good, for evil, or in faith that belief influences his or her day to day functioning. Nonetheless, though each religion has its own distinct and important…

An Examination of the State of Atheism

Existence By Atheism Since the dawn of human awareness, we have wondered how we have come to exist and for what purpose, yet no theory thus far has even been agreed upon, let alone proven. Philosophers, theologians, and scientists have argued back and forth about…

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