The Character of Chris Mccandless, a Transcendentalist Traveler in Into the Wild

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Jon Krakauer, the writer of the book, “Into the Wild”, depicts Chris McCandless, a young adult who travels into the wild unprepared and foolishly to discover his real identity and dignity. Chris McCandless needs to escape and fled the confines of his home. He has a resentment against his house, except his sibling, which caused him that feeling of vanish. The wild, nature, is a place where he thinks he will discover his true self and his specific position in the world. Christopher McCandless is seen by some people as an inspiration, the idea to not be scared. “Chris was fearless even when he was little.” Chris’s dad gave the statement about how he thought Chris was brave, Chris was the fearless individual even was he was just a young boy. He demonstrated how he was courageous and brave, his powerful persona was recognized in his young years by his dad and his family.

Christopher Johnson McCandless is a proud individual in some respects, but in some other respects he is such a foolish individual. Chris McCandless shines through his unique role, the eternal courage. Because he is very upright, not just to protect himself from any sin and immorality, not just to prevent personal desire, But also to prevent all of his life Idea to remember his life as a single individual. Desire Diligent state of will gleaming through his appearance. Chris McCandless, the character of “Into the Wild'' was furious with his dad's affair. Some people believe that Chris McCandless was mad, and they have sufficient information to back up their ideas. But Chris McCandless strove to remain the philosopher like the good Ralph Waldo Emerson and David Thoreau, and even though he went to these extremes of his adventures and ambitions, His name lives on in people's hearts and memories; Chris McCandless, the transcendentalist.

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Chris McCandless frequently presents his romantic influences by demonstrating his appreciation of world and his constant need for separation. Krakauer says, “McCandless was thrilled to be on his way north, and he was relieved as well—relieved that he had again evaded the impending threat of human intimacy, of friendship, And all the messy emotional baggage that comes with it.” (Krakauer, 55) the quotation demonstrates how McCandless would rather take off into the wild rather than make relationships with others, which reflects the ideals of romanticism.

Within Chris mccandless’s “escapade”, which is presented in this novel, “Into the Wild”, by Jon Krakauer, and in the film, “Into the Wild”, directed by Sean Penn, shows Chris McCandless acting as a Transcendentalist. They never really tell that Chris is the transcendentalist, but some people, including myself, have believed that he is because of his activities. He pretended a bunch like different Transcendentalists before him and it is stated that he had some books by Transcendentalists before he went off on the escapade. Chris McCandless by some, is considered to be the philosopher and those are these reasons why, tranquility by adventuring into this wilderness. you may make novels, poems, and little stories about it, but you’ll never really realize this appearance of living until you get it for yourself, until you immerse yourself in it. Every individual has their own collection of desires, motivations. But it isn't until you get out and do those things that you’ve thought, that you actually find what you enjoy. Every individual has a specific idea; every individual has the ability to get other views.

Chris McCandless isolates himself from the different students in Emory, from his friends, and from his home, leading in his conclusion to create the lonely trip into the wild, where his isolation will be complete. However, at one point in history, he pleads, “mom, mom, help me.” On the one hand, he is a caring individual, who feels the responsibility for the more people who are poor and thirsty. In contrast, his activities toward his family and acquaintances are egotistical and harmful. His inability to concede what he perceives as his parents’ desire and materialism impacts his whole experience, leading to his decision to insulate himself in Emory and to his dislike with society, Which motivates him to go alone into the wild. If he had discovered the choice to forgive his parents for their faults, could he have gone to such extremes in his search to discover himself?

I feel as if when chris left home he was trying to punish those who had wronged him during his life and mostly his family by showing them that what they did to him and his sister had side effects and this was one of them. He might have come home which he longed for as he lay on his deathbed, he wanted his mother and father to suffer but in the end everyone suffered, including those he didn't want to hurt but did in the process which is sad because the people he grew to know loved him and they all saw him on his last journey to his death which made life difficult for his family and friends. As we can see in the documentary his parents never learned from his death and the stories he told but his sisters were impacted hard and they even went to the bus he died in which was a very moving trip for all of them, it might of even been a was to move on for them but I don't think they will ever truly move on.

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