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The Perception of Death and Existence in Hamlet

A small fact: you are going to die....does this worry you (Markus Zusak, The Book Thief)? The inevitability of mortality, frightens many people. You cannot escape death nor can you prevent it. Similarly, in the tragic play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, the prevalence of death...

Theme of Death and Disease In 'Hamlet' By Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a complex play where many themes are intertwined – themes that are essential to the development of the play. The issue of death and disease, both physical and emotional is very prevalent throughout the duration of the play, as well as fate...

Revenge and Tragedy In 'Hamlet' By William Shakespeare

Every time one thinks about a tragedy, they think William Shakespeare. The author is one of the greatest writers of drama who has ever lived. Some of his tragic stories include Othello; The Moore of Venice and Juliet and Romeo. In literature, tragedy follows a...

The Concept of Love In 'Hamlet' by William Shakespeare

In Hamlet, the concept of love is overshadowed by the acts of revenge and insanity, leading it to become only a subplot of the play. In La Celestina, love is the most powerful theme, along with revenge, and is the basis of the novel. Besides...

Theme of Disgust in 'Hamlet' by William Shakespeare

In William Shakespeare’s tragic play Hamlet, the titular character uses various literary devices to reveal and visualize his internal conflicts. This seventeenth-century tragedy depicts Hamlet struggling with the death of his father, King Hamlet, and the marriage between his mother and his uncle, Claudius, which...

Death and Afterlife of the Soul in Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Scholars and ordinary people alike are searching for an answer to the questions regarding the afterlife and the places of the souls of those people who have departed from this life and are entering into the next. The fascination with this question is fundamental to...

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