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Benjamin Banneker Letter To Thomas Jefferson

Banneker’s use of formal tone and succinct diction delivers to Jefferson the urgency of ending slavery. He demonstrates the lack of equality and hypocrisy as Jefferson claims “all men created equal” while treating human beings as possessions that could be bought and sold; and doing...

Benjamin Banneker's Letter to Thomas Jefferson: Confronting Slavery

In this letter to Thomas Jefferson, Banneker wanted to demonstrate slavery is a thing from the past and, how inhumane it really is. But, I believe his main argument was how, challenging Jefferson's conclusions of pro-slavery as conflicting with the Declaration of Independence. Within the...

Notes and Letters of Thomas Jefferson Regarding Slavery

Jefferson is a man of unwavering convictions. Through his letters it is clear that he devoted much of his time and political resources to the promotion of his viewpoints on slavery and the mental capacity of black people. In the span of thirty-two years, Jefferson...

American Indian Culture as Depicted in Art

Art is a way of representing the kinds of thoughts people have. American Indian society started to express themselves through forms of arts such as paintings and pedestals. Before getting into the actual art pieces and its characteristics, it is crucial to have knowledge about...

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