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Documentation Of African American Struggles During The Slavery Period

African Americans in revolutionary Massachusetts presented five petitions to the state’s government for the abolition of slavery. Each written with genius using the same terminology and buzzwords, to build on past explorations in order to better situate these petitions within their political, social, and legal...

How Authors Portray The Hardships Of Their Life In Literary Works

Hardships has been a part of our daily life since the early days. The early settlements each faced a difficult time which formed our new world. The hardships of each writer went through has affected the course of history that we know of today. The...

History And Impacts Of Slavery In America

Slavery has been and will forever be part of America’s history and stake claim to a darker chapter of a growing nation. However, while the era has passed to the back of our times, it would be turning a blind eye to those still facing...

Comparison of Themes in the Poems of Phillis Wheatley and Robert Hayden

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Thru out the poems we’ve analyzed how themes are very significant and have played a major role. In the poem “On being Brought from Africa to America” we can see the message of everyone having their own point of view in life and this was...

Representation of African Descent in The Trials of Phillis Wheatley

The Trial of Phillis Wheatley is a play written by Ronald B. Wheatley. Directed by Stephen Levine, it is based on a literary and historical story of the first published female poet of African descent in America. It is set in Boston, MA, which was...

The Passionate Puritan Poets: Phillis Wheatley

Over the past six centuries, hundreds of thousands of millions of immigrants have immigrated to North America that was artisans, artists, engineers, refugees, slaves, families, and authors. Since the early 1900s, Los Angeles has become one of the greatest multiethnic metropolitan cities in the world...

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