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Form, Structure, Plot and Themes of the Novel Dracula

Form, Structure, and Plot The novel Dracula, written by bram stoker; it was released in the 19th century, is a deftly organized structure that is written in epistolary form{an epistle is an ancient term for letters}, which is a novel based on letters, that has...

Power of Epistolary Form of Dracula

Dracula is a gothic novel from 1897 by Bram Stoker. It became a very popular story during that time, but nowadays, it is still very influential. Dracula is one of the most important gothic and horror characters of all times. The success of Bram Stoker...

Vampires in Literature as a Metaphor for Otherness

Vampires portrayal as the ‘other’ has been a universal theme in gothic literature, originating from Bram stoker’s late nineteenth-nineteenth-century novel ‘Dracula’ (1897), and is now present in the late twentieth-century novel ‘interview with the vampire’ (1976), by Anne Rice. The term otherness refers to the...

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