The Inspiration Behind Dracula: Vlad Tepes the Dracula Prince

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Vlad II Dracul Prince of Wallachia had a difficult journey to become a voivode. It took him om different quests to reach the position he aspired to be. However, there were several complications in the way to his goals. Throughout his journey, Vlad had three children, Mircea, Vlad, Randu. (Dr. Stephen Reinert, 25503 Vlad II Dracul – 1430-1436) Some of his children had bright futures and some ended in tragedies. Not even his children got in his way to accomplish the destiny he desired. However, Vlad II was a very intelligent individual that understood politics quite well. He realized what needed to be done to become Voivode. Vlad needed military assistance, allies, and funds. Proceeding towards his goals he went to several different emperors and sultans to get where he needed to go. He was rejected numerous different times until he had his big break. King Sigismund gave Vlad II Dracul his first position ‘frontier commander’ ( Dr. Stephen Reinert, 25503 VladII Dracul 1395-1430-Part 2). The second responsibility he was assigned was to guard the mint. Having king Sigismund’s trust was of many benefits to this upcoming ruler. After various assignments, king Sigismund invited Vlad II to join the Order of the Dragon. This organization gave Vlad II Dracul his extension to his name Dracul (Dragon). ‘While being in the Order of the Dragon, Vlad’s brother (Alexander I Aldea) passed away naturally’ (Dr.Stephen Reinert, 25503 Vlad II Dracul – 1430-1436). This was the break Vlad II Dracul was searching for. Soon after he takes control of Targoviste and accomplishes his goals.

Vlad II Dracul was always trying to benefit him and his people. He would end up taking anyone side that would benefit Wallachia. ‘He had the backing of the Burgundian fleet, this helped him capture the Ottoman fortress Giurgiu. However, this backfires on him (the battle of Verna). two to three years later Vlad makes peace with the Ottomans and this agitates the Hungarians. While upsetting the Hungarian they ended up invading Wallachia, driving Vlad II out from his city. This got his son Mircea and Vlad II Dracul killed. ‘Dracul and his son Mircea were overwhelmingly defeated. Mircea was captured by enemy boyars, and the citizens of Tirgoviste tortured and killed him by burying him alive.’ (Florescy & Mcnally, pg. 39)

In my opinion, Vlad II Dracul had much success in achieving his intentions. Within this difficult political time, he never gave up no matter how dangerous the mission seemed to be. Having to deal with the fighting of two large empires (Ottomans and Hungarians) was a difficult task. Where Vlad II Dracul went wrong was when he started siding with both the Hungarians and Ottomans. Throughout his whole career being Voivode, he would do anything for his people. This trait was good, however, this is what got him and the people he loved killed. Vlad’s goals were always shifting throughout his whole career, but I don’t see this as a bad thing. Vlad was a decent leader that got caught up with all the politics of his time.

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